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ProAc D48D Loudspeakers

We featured the ProAc D48 in August 2016. It’s rare to see and hear this speaker with a Dome tweeter, the Ribbon version is more popular but less to our tastes, so we are very grateful to ProAc for making this model available.

Digital Front End

•Audio Note CDT Two/II

•Audio Note DAC 2.1 Balanced

Vinyl Front End

Nottingham Analogue Ace Space turntable

•Nottingham Analogue Ace Space 10” tonearm

•Audio Note IQ3 cartridge


•Audion Select pre amplifier

•Audion Premier phono stage

•Audion Silver Night 300B PSE (Parallel Single Ended) monoblock amplifiers


•ProAc D48D speakers in Cherry real wood veneer

Equipment Supports

•Heretic Audio ‘The Rack’

Mains Block

•Heretic Audio Copper Star


•Mixture of Atlas, Audio Note and Nordost cables

Acoustic Treatment

•Advanced Acoustics Wall Panels and Symphonic R

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