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Website last updated 15 September 2020

Recent website updates and additions:

Rega Planar 10 added

Rega Apheta 3 cartridge added

Hana ML & MH cartridges added

Event Report: Vinyl on Wednesdays Motorhead - No Sleep added

Avantgarde Uno Fino information added

Project Roadshow Event report added

Deco Audio Events archive update

Heco Direkt Einklang first listen added

Events report Ortofon Hear the Difference

Event report The Bespoke Audio Company

Showroom build story

Rega Planar 6 preview added

Helius Omega tonearms added

Avantgarde Trio added

Bespoke Audio Company Pre amp build diary added

Russell K Red 120 speakers added

Avantgarde Uno XD added

Hana Elliptical and Hana Shibata cartridges added

Ortfon Cartridge Event report added

Something Solid OTS speaker stands added

Heco Elementa 300 and Elementa 700 speakers added

Avantgarde Zero XD passive speakers added

ProAc Tablette 10 speakers added

Edwards Audio MC1 Mk2 phono stage added

Project VC-S record cleaning machine added

ProAc SM100 speakers added

Audion Silver Night 300B SE Special Edition added

Rega Apheta 2 added

Pro-ject Signature 10 turntable added

The Bespoke Audio Company pre amplifier added

MS HD Mains plugs and IEC connectors added

Russell K Red 100 added

Heretic Audio Huron 3 & Huron 3SV speaker added

Heretic Audio Silver Sanctuary interconnect added

Heretic Audio The Rack added

Rega RP8 Launch open evening report added

Vitavox speaker components added

Turntable mods sections added Nottingham Analogue, Michell & Rega

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We also sell new and used LPs and CDs both in store and online

please click here to visit our virtual record shop

Covid-19 update (16th June)

We are delighted to announce we will once more be able to accept visitors!

Please see below for important information relating to our different departments:

Record Shop

Important: We’ve temporarily introduced ticket admission only for the Record Shop.

We feel that at the moment the only way we can ensure a pleasant and safe browsing experience is to allow only one person (or household) to browse the LPs and CDs at a time. The slots are available in one hour blocks, please book yours here (it’s easy to do and of course free!)

We will be supplying and asking customers to use hand sanitiser prior to browsing.

We regret we will not be able to accept any visitors to the record shop without pre booking

Hi-Fi Showroom

Open as usual every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10am to 5:30pm. We will be asking customers to social distance and have introduced new facilities to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.


Service & Repairs

Items for service, repair and modification can be dropped off at reception Tuesday to Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm. We do recommend phoning or emailing to discuss any work to be done in advance.

Want to buy online?

We offer a wide range of items, including spares and accessories in our ebay shop, please click here

Deco Audio Records

We are delighted to announce that we have introduced our own bespoke vinyl record label, dedicated to bringing occasional releases onto high quality vinyl.

Our first release is the new album from Sweet Billy Pilgrim, called Wapentak, which is now available in store and online

New Pro-Ject vacuum record cleaners now available.

Please click here for more details

Deco Audio Records