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USB cables

The following cables are all supplied in USB Type A (the wide and flat type that is commonly found on most computers) to USB Type B (the squared off socket found on most DACs). Some cables are available in Type A to Type A, please see the individual product listings for more information.

Supra USB 2.0 cables

Just in are Supra’s new range of USB cables. The design has dual screens with individual screening between data and power twisted pairs, resulting in low capacitance and efficient noise rejection making them especially good for long runs. As soon as I’ve had a chance to listen to them I will add more detail.

Supra USB cable 0.7m: £27.00
Supra USB cable 1m: £29.00
Supra USB cable 2m: £36.00
Supra USB cable 3m: £43.00
Supra USB cable 4m: £50.00
Supra USB cable 5m: £57.00
Supra USB cable 8m: £78.00
Supra USB cable 10m: £92.00
Supra USB cable 12m: £106.00
Supra USB cable 15m: £127.00

Atlas Element SC USB

The Element SC is a new design from Atlas. Building upon the very popular Element the new SC lifts performance further by using solid core silver plated conductors in foamed polyethylene insulation. The reasoning is to reduce internal data reflections between each strand of each conductor, and allows for the exact measurement of each twisted pair, meaning that all data transmitted along the cable reaches the receiver at exactly the same time, reducing ‘jitter’ (noise) and increasing performance.

Atlas Element SC USB 1M: £44.00

Atlas Element SC USB 1.5M: £52.00

Atlas Element SC USB 2M: £60.00

Atlas Element SC USB 3M: £76.00

Atlas Element SC USB 5M: £108.00

Chord C-USB

The C-USB is a flexible white cable that’s available in a wide variety of lengths. Chord say it uses silver plated conductors and that they have used three layers of screening. We find this cable to be extremely impressive sounding, it’s a very substantial improvement over standard USB cables in pretty much every respect, the first thing noticed is the extra detail and transient attack, but it also has a very well resolved and extended low frequencies. Scale, solidity and refinement are all words that come to mind to describe this cable, and we cannot recommend it highly enough given its reasonable pricing.

Chord C-USB 0.75m cable: £50.00

Chord C-USB 1.5m cable: £60.00

Chord C-USB 3m cable: £80.00

Chord C-USB 5m cable: £100.00

Furutech Formula 2

The Furutech Formula 2 has a sound with good openness and clarity. Compared to the Chord Silverplus detailed above it is a little more forward in the midrange and a touch lighter in the bass, but this mid projection is likely to find favour in some systems and with it is an impressive ability to resolve fine details like the acoustics around instruments and voices. Spatially this cable is also extremely impressive too.

Furutech Formula 2 USB 0.6m cable: £45.00

Furutech Formula 2 USB 1.2m cable: £55.00

Furutech Formula 2 USB 1.8m cable: £65.00

Furutech Formula 2 USB 3.6m cable: £90.00

Furutech Formula 2 USB 5m cable: £110.00

Chord Sarum USB

The Sarum USB is a very thick and somewhat inflexible cable whose price will undoubtedly (and understandably) polarise some peoples opinions before they’ve even auditioned it.

As befits its price it is a very refined performer, at first it appears a little darker sounding that some of the other cables here, and appears to lack the immediacy heard with cables like the Nordost Blue Heaven (or the Chord Silverplus), but the longer you listen the more you realise it is resolving a lot of extra information as well as demonstrating a wonderfully textured midband. There’s a pleasing reduction in hash and grain too, and these aspects add up to bode very well for extended listening when other cables could become tiring in comparison. The scale of soundstage is also very impressive, with instruments easier to place in all three dimensions.

Chord Sarum USB 1m cable: £750.00 (+£250 per extra metre required)

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