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Turntable Mats

Rega Felt mat

Made from 100% wool these mats are standard fitment on original Planar turntables as well as the latest P2, P3, P5 and P7. Their approximate 2mm thickness makes them also suitable for most other turntables: £10.

Rega Coloured Felt mat


As the black mat listed above but in four stunning colours to really liven up your turntables appearance. Currently available in purple and red only: £12.

Edwards Audio TT-Mat

The Edwards Audio TT-Mat is made from laser cut fine grained cork and is just 1.5mm thick. This mat damps ringing platters very well and can be stacked to achieve a specific VTA if desired.

-Edwards Audio TT-Mat: £15.00

Nottingham Analogue Space mat

3mm thick Light foam mat as supplied with many Nottingham Analogue turntables. A sweet and relaxed sounding mat: £20.00

Project Cork mat

Very nicely finished cork mat that provides excellent damping of platters and has a very natural and full sound.

Project Cork IT mat: £20.00

Ringmat Developments Ringmat

The Ringmat has been around for quite a few years now, but it keeps evolving and getting better. All models share the same basic design, using critically positioned cork rings on both sides of a card disc that’s approximately 10” in diameter (but I can confirm they still work well with 7” singles). The 200 and 250 models are for decks with original mats that were 1.8mm and 2.4mm respectively where you cannot adjust the tonearm height (VTA). For all other decks the approximately 3mm thick 330 XLRs are recommended, which is conveniently also the height of felt mats used on most popular decks.

Pictured above from left to right are the XLR330, XLR330 Anniversary and the XLR330 Anniversary Goldspot.  

I really like the sound of the Ringmats, I find they’re especially good on turntables where the platter isn’t strongly resonant (as they don’t damp the platter like some heavier mats) and they tend to work well with Linn, Roksan, Rega, Nottingham Analogue decks and so on. They can significantly improve detail retrieval and reduce bass smearing and the effect becomes stronger as you go up the range.

The latest addition to the range, Anniversary Goldspot surprised me by improving upon the already excellent Anniversary quite substantially, although curiously not on all records, some showed little improvement, but on about 1/3 to a ½ of the records I tried there was even less muddle, more solid lows and a general improved cleanliness to the upper frequencies. I was sceptical, but whatever the reason (possibly the ‘goldspot’, perhaps the improved glues used) this mat takes the Ringmat philosophy to what might be its ultimate conclusion.

Ringmat 200 (1.8mm thick) £39.50

Ringmat 250 (2.4mm thick) thick £42.50

Ringmat XLR330 (3mm thick): £53.50

Ringmat XLR330 Anniversary (3mm thick): £62.50

Ringmat XLR330 Anniversary Gold Spot (3mm thick): £80.00

Ringmat Developments Ringcap

This is the perfect partner for the Ringmat (above). Simply place it on the label of your LP as it plays and it damps unwanted vibration (not suitable for use with record clamps). A small tweak on most decks - not night and day but definitely beneficial: £15.

Ringmat Developments Statmat

Following the research on the CD Statmat this version is designed to live between the Ringmat and platter: £16.

Ringmat Developments Support System

This kit includes the Statmat, Ringcap and a wide selection of VTA spacers. Prices range from £125 to £150, excluding the Ringmat itself.

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