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Golden Dragon Tube Rings by Duende Criatura

These high quality tube rings are designed to reduce microphonics, distortion and self oscillation from valves.

They are manufactured from Teflon and Titanium (a metal that does not carry eddy currents) and fitting them does not affect the cooling of valve like many other dampers. They can also be  and can be reused and do not melt like some of the alternatives!

A very wide range of models are available please see the list below. The model number is in bold, followed by the valve diameter and in brackets are some of the valves they are intended to fit:

TR1-A 9mm to 10mm (6021, 6111 etc): £10.95 each.

TR1 17.5mm to 18.5mm (6AU6): £10.95 each.

TR2 19.5mm to 22mm (ECC83, EL84, EF86 etc): £10.95 each.

TR3 26mm to 29mm (6SN7) £12.95 each.

TR4 27mm to 32mm (EL34, 5AR4): £15.95 each.

TR5 36mm to 39mm (6080, KT90, 676GC): £17.95 each.

TR6 39mm to 42mm (2A3, 300B) £18.95 each.

TR7 44mm to 48mm (6550, KT88, KT66, SV572 etc) £18.95 each.

TR8 53mm to 58mm (211, 805, 845, 813 etc) £22.95 each.

TR9 63mm to 68mm (6C33C-B, Balloon 300B etc): £25.95 each.

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