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Turntable power supplies for turntables with DC motors

The speed of most DC motor powered turntables is set by the voltage that they are connected to*. Unfortunately there is no standardisation as such, meaning that there isn’t a universal solution as there is for most AC turntables, so you’re generally limited to models from a particular manufacturer. But by their very nature all DC motor equipped turntables already have a power supply of some kind, most of which will be quite satisfactory for the application.

*some decks also use a feedback circuit to ensure that speed is constantly maintained, this is particularly prevalent amongst direct drive designs and decks such as the Michell Orbe.

However that’s not to say a DC motor equipped turntables cannot be substantially improved by the use of good mains cables or even mains filtering/isolation (when used with care). Sometimes even using one of the universal AC turntable power supplies (the Speed box SE or Wave mechanic, all listed in the AC section) can still be beneficial even if the deck already has its own power supply, just check that the decks power consumption doesn’t exceed the power supplies ratings.

The following are some of the DC turntable power supplies available:

Michell HR


The HR is specifically designed for the TecnoDec, later GyroDec and Gyro SE models that are fitted with DC motors. It uses a never connected power supply to produce a very clean DC voltage, and has the benefit of fine speed adjustment via a small control on the rear of he unit. Changing between 33 and 45rpm is still achieved by moving the belt on the pulley as before. Please note that these are now made in black acrylic cases and not silver as pictured above.

Michell HR Power Supply £800.00

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