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We have written a guide to choosing and using a subwoofer, it can be viewed here

Velodyne Wi-Q and EQ Max range

We have specially selected the EQ-Max range as part of our portfolio following careful auditioning of a wide variety of designs, as we found them to be the most musical sub woofers available. The fact that they are also very reasonable priced was the icing on the cake.

The use of large diameter paper cones in boxes of reasonable proportions produces bass that is tight and fast, making them able to reproduce rhythm and timing to match a huge variety of speakers. Unlike many ‘one note’ bass systems, these have tonality, delicacy and texture, as well as real low end reach, slam and attack.

They are also extremely easy to use as most features can be controlled via remote control which makes setup from the listening position a breeze. They can accept both speaker level as well as line level signals (we would recommend the former connection).

A microphone (pictured above) is supplied which works with the DSP circuitry to reduce output at major room peaks, giving a flatter response, all at the touch of a button.

The range features cone sizes spanning 8” to 15”, with inbuilt amplification from 180 watts to 750 watts and -3dB points from 32Hz to 25Hz. The 12” version, as pictured here, is a particularly good sweet spot in the range.

Anti clipping and over excursion measures are included which make them incredibly reliable even under heavy use, and they are not troubled by rumble from vinyl sources.

Naturally nothing’s perfect, I’d prefer the option of a lower cut off frequency for use with very extended speakers (the lowest setting is 40Hz) and having the frequency control on the remote control would make the setup a little easier, but to criticise when this level of performance and functionality is available at such a reasonable price would be churlish.

The EQ Max range is slowly being updated to the Wi-Q series, which adds wireless pre amp connectivity (not really beneficial for true hifi use, but a good idea for some home cinema setups). The models that are available are detailed below:

Velodyne Wi-Q 10 10” Subwoofer (43cm x 39cm x 43cm): £680.00

Velodyne Wi-Q 12” Subwoofer (46cm x 42cm x 46cm): £735.00

Velodyne EQ-Max15 15” Subwoofer (55cm x 48cm x 53cm): £1,295.00

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