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Loudspeaker Cable

We stock a wide range of speakers cables, starting from budget designs and upwards, only a selection of which are detailed below.

We can terminate the cables with gold plated banana plugs, all soldered (using a silver content solder chosen through auditioning) and finished with long lasting adhesive lined heat shrunk where necessary for £55 per single wire stereo pair. Other terminations including spade connectors are naturally available by request too.

All cables supplied by us include a free cable toasting session, so you can get the best performance out of your cable from day one.

Chord C-Screen

The C-Screen is Chords new budget cable, which brings their Screen technology to a new low price point. It offers excellent value for money and is easy to use and flexible,

Chord C-Screen speaker cable: £7.50 per mono metre

Atlas Equator 2.0 speaker cable

The Equator 2.0 shares a lot in common with the Hyper range (see below) and has recently seen a drop in price, making this cable something of a bargain for the performance on offer. It uses over 250 6N pure copper (99.9999% pure) strands per conductor, which are insulated with a polypropylene dielectric, and contained within a cotton yarn filler which helps damp microphony.  The outer jacket is just under 9mm diameter and the cable is pretty flexible.

Given the construction similarities, it’s hardly surprising that this cables sonics have a lot in common with the Hyper range. This is a remarkably well balanced sounding cable, which I find is extremely rare at this price point. The bass is very nicely defined and well rounded, having impressive scale but retaining speed and agility. The mid band stays composed, and doesn’t harden up as some cables can do and the top end is grain and hash free.

I can highly recommend this cable, it gives a great taste of what the more expensive cables do and is a considerable jump up in performance over entry level cables.

Atlas Equator 2.0 speaker cable: £9.00per mono metre

Chord Clearway X

The Clearway X is the latest version of this rightly popular cable. This high quality cable features an XLPE coated copper cables which is claimed to offer a lot of the benefits of PTFE while helping keep the cable more affordable. Around this there’s a floating shield which can be seen through the translucent outer layer. It’s easy to use, flexible (if a little bulky) and is a very good all rounder.

-Chord Clearway X speaker cable: £14.99/m

Talk Cables Talk 6 Speaker Cable

The Talk 6 is an evolution of the classic Talk 3 speaker cable - it uses the classic dumbbell construction but adds their latest insulation technology. More details to follow.

-Talk Cables Talk 6 Speaker cable: £12.00/m

Atlas Hyper Speaker Cables

There are very few ‘universal’ cables but I suspect the Hyper range just might be one of them. Its sound is very natural and consistent throughout the frequency range making it work superbly well in any well balanced system. As you go up the range the low frequency performance improves and the sound becomes even more effortless, whilst still retaining the same overall presentation, with the Hyper 2 being the most well balanced of the trio (the Hyper 1.5 is very useful in taming exuberant low frequencies and the 3.5 for adding a little extra bass when required).

The design uses the unusual combination of high purity copper (99.9997 or 5N) covered with PTFE insulation, a cotton layer is then used to space and damp the strands against the PVC outer jacket. Please don’t be put off by their very reasonable prices, I rate it much higher than a lot of the competition at several times the price!

Three models are available, with the model number referring to the square mm of copper used.

Atlas Hyper 1.5: £20.00 per mono metre

Atlas Hyper 2: £32.00 per mono metre

Atlas Hyper 3.5: £44.00 per mono metre

Deco Audio Termination charge using soldered gold 4mm banana plugs: £55 per stereo single wired pair (pictured below right).


Atlas Double Hyper

The ‘Double’ Hyper is our little secret. As you have probably noticed the Hyper speaker cable range is one of our favourites, offering a great blend of tonality and dynamics, to the extent that it outperforms many much more expensive cables.

To try keep these basic strengths and improve on them we did a lot of listening and have found that these cables work brilliantly doubled up, using one whole cable for positive and another for negative. We then lightly twist the cables together and cover with a smart jacket, this adds a little to the cost, as do the extra large banana plugs needed and chunky heatshrink, but it results in a good looking cable that will last for years.

The sonic results are really special, all the inherent strengths of the Hyper cable are there, but the immediate gains are obvious. The whole sound has improved composure, it becomes more effortless but also gains in excitement - a difficult thing to find. The bass has far more power and extension, but it’s not bloated or over the top. The dynamics improve, even the sound seems louder by a much greater degree than the reduction in impedance would suggest (naturally we’re doubling the cross section of the cable). The treble has a clearer and more defined edge, focusing the sound to a much greater extent and adding an extra air of openness and speed.

So all in it’s very highly recommended, and we can always take your existing cable, add another length and double it up, so your cables can be upgraded whenever budget allows.

The pricing is literally double the cost of the Hyper cable, plus the sleeving and termination (and this is a pretty tricky cable to terminate hence the higher cost than normal)

Please note ‘Double’ Hyper is a creation all of our own, so do not expect even the manufacturer to know what it is - it’s certainly not an official product.

To work out the cost please double the cost of the cable you want us to use (so Doubled Hyper 2 would be £64 per mono metre), add £6 per mono metre for the sleeving and £75 for the termination (of all 8 ends) including extra large banana plugs.

Audio Note copper speaker cables

There are four models of speaker cable in the copper series of Audio Note speaker cables, and are detailed below.

The range starts with the AN-D. This cable is unusual as it is supplied as two separate cables, one for positive and the other for negative (now colour coded Red and black and not red and green as pictured above). For best performance it is recommended to twist them together lightly (as pictured)

Audio Note AN-D: £27.00 per mono metre + termination if required.

The AN-Ba and the AN-La are both screened speaker cables , the AN-Ba is smaller diameter and green coloured and the AN-La is thicker and black coloured with full Litz construction (pictured above) and below.

Audio Note AN-Ba: £41.00 per mono metre + termination if required.

Audio Note AN-La: £62.00 per mono metre + termination if required.


The Audio Note Lexus speaker cable (pictured above) is effectively a copper version of their range topping Sogon. It can be used in several ways as it has 4 separately insulated groups of litz conductors (as pictured above), so one run can be used to either single wire or biwire one speaker. However for best results we feel that two lengths should be used per single wired speaker (or 4 for bi-wire) with the conductors wired together, and then lightly twisted together as pictured and priced below.

Audio Note AN-Lexus LX: £122.00 per mono metre + termination if required.

The Audio Note Isis cable is a copper version of the Sootto speaker cable with 168 opper strands that are individually insulated and enclosed within a shield. Inside are 4 groups of white insulated wires and 4 of Red insulated wires, and each of these uses different diameter strands. One cable can be used per single wired speaker (called Single Cable below), although for best performance we would recommend running one per connection (i.e. two per single wired mono speakers, called Twin connector below).

Audio Note Isis Single cable: £407.00 per mono metre + termination if required.

Audio Note Isis Twin cable: £813.00 per mono metre + termination if required.

Please contact us for pricing of bi wire pricing.

Audio Note Silver loudspeaker cables

Above: Audio Note AN-Spa with Audio Note silver banana plugs

The Audio Note silver speaker cables are litz constructed, meaning each of the very fine strands has its own thin layer of insulation. The strands are 99.99% pure silver, and as you go through the range the number of strands increases from 13 to 96, as does the insulator quality. Unusually these cables are provided as completely separate cores for positive and negative, so you can choose to space them or lightly twist them depending upon your preference (I prefer the latter). Unlike many hi end cables the Audio Note models are quite thin and usefully flexible, making them easy to install even with limited space. Their sound is very transparent, finely detailed and with none of the heavy handedness that many lesser cables often inflict upon the sound. As you go up through the range the sense of weight and scale increases along with improvements in overall resolution.

Prices below are for a mono metre of cable (two strands per single wired speaker), without termination.

AN-SPa £246.00

AN-SPe £493.00

AN-SPx £1,232.00

AN-Sogon Minor £3,080.00

AN-Sogon LX96: £6,160.00

AN-Sootoo 168: £12,320.00

Sogon (like Lexus detailed in the copper Audio Note section above) can be used in several ways as it has 4 separately insulated bundles of litz conductors in each cable, so one run can be used to either single wire or biwire one speaker. However for best results we feel that two lengths should be used per single wired speaker (or 4 for bi-wire) with the conductors in each cable wired together (as priced above, this can be halved if one cable is used for both positive and negative connections, in fact one cable could even be used as a bi wire cable if desired).

Above: Close up showing the construction of Sogon

Audio Note cables can be factory terminated with silver banana plugs or spades (please ask for pricing) or terminated by ourselves with a variety of other connectors as required. We can also supply the cable without termination for the keen DIYer, but please note that these are quite tricky cables to work with due to the Litz coating.


Above: A factory terminated set of Audio Note Sogon


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