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Headphone Accessories

Sieveking Sound Omega headphone stands

The Omega is the most beautiful headphone stand I’ve found, it’s beautifully made from formed wood and finished in a stunning range of very high quality real wood veneers. The Omega shape means that the headphone is well supported at both the headband and ear cushion which reduces wear and prevents your headphones becoming deformed. As an addition a cotton bad is supplied which can be used to cover the stand and headphones when not in use.   

Above: clockwise from top: Walnut, Zebrano, Cherry, Makassar and Maple.


Left: Zebrano finish stand. Middle: supplied cotton bag fitted over headphones and stand. Right: Walnut veneer

Finishes available: Makassar, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Zebrano

Sieveking Omega Headphone stand: £99.95

Stax headphone stand

The Stax headphone stand is made from solid wood and as you’d expect is finished to a very high standard. It is a universal design so it can be used with any make of headphone.

Stax HPS-2 headphone stand £75.00

Stax Protective cover

This clear plastic protective cover is made for keeping your headphones dust free when not in use. Will fit most headphones and headphone stands.

Stax CPC-1 clear protective cover: £20.00


Grado cables

Grado produce a range of useful cables which are suitable for use with almost all makes of headphones.

Grado extension lead

The Grado extension lead is made from the same high quality OFC copper that they use on many of their headphones, it is a 6.3mm Jack to socket  cable that is 4.5 metres long.

Grado extension cable: £37.50

Grado 3.5mm to 6.3mm

This cable is extremely useful as it enables you to use 6.3mm terminated headphones into devices with only a 3.5mm socket without adding a bulky adaptor onto the unit (which increases the risk of damage and wear and tear). The cable is 20cm long and the connectors are all gold plated, as you’d expect with Grado.

Grado 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor cable: £15.00

Grado Y cable adaptor

One 6.3mm jack with 20cm of quality cable to two 6.3mm sockets enabling two sets of headphones to be used from the same device (please note that this will decrease the impedance the device see, so it is often advisable to check the specifications first)

Grado Y cable adaptor:  £18.50

Stax cables

The following cables are for Stax headphones only, and are used if you need to increase the distance between energiser and earspeakers.

Stax SRE-725 2.5m extension cable for Stax headphones: £95.00

Stax SRE-750 5m extension cable for Stax headphones: £145.00

Grado carry case

Hard carry case for Grado headphones with moulded interior to support the headphones during transit, suitable for SR-60i, SR-80i, SR-125i, SR-225i, SR-325i, RS-2i and RS-1i headphones: £25.00

As above but for the GS/PS1000 series: £40.00

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