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Equipment Wall Supports

Rega turntable wall shelf

Rega go to great lengths to reduce mass (to reduce energy storage) from many of their products and the new wall bracket is a great example of this - made from laser cut and folded aluminium it weighs just 1kg. The three ‘pegs’ visible on the top locate within the recess of most Rega turntable feet (as well as many of the turntables they have made for other manufacturers). For Rega turntables which use the foot without an internal opening (the RP6, RP8 and RP10, for example) then a cup foot can be screwed in (see picture below)

Rega Turntable wall shelf in Black: £125.00

Rega Turntable wall shelf in White: £125.00

Rega adaptors for RP6, RP8 and RP10, per set of 3: £61.00


Pro-ject Wall Mount It 1

This is a classic wall shelf design, ideal for a very wide variety of items. It features a steel frame which is welded for rigidity for both the wall mounting frame and the shelf support (these two elements bolt together to reduce packaging size). It features 4 height adjustable spikes to couple the frame to the black vinyl veneered wood shelf.

Shelf size: 460mm wide x 355mm deep

Overall Dimensions: 460mm wide x 90mm (high excluding mounting frame) x 415mm deep

Project Wall Mount It 1 wall bracket: £130.00

Pro-ject Wall Mount It 2

The Wall Mount It 2 has the same shelf size as the Mount It 1 detailed above, but it has a greater depth between it and the wall, making it ideal for turntables with large hinged lids where extra clearance is required. Otherwise it is of the same combined welded and bolt together construction and also features 4 adjustable spikes onto which the shelf sits.

Shelf size: 460mm wide x 355mm deep

Overall Dimensions: 490mm Wide x 260mm High x 455mm Deep

Project Wall Mount It 2 wall bracket: £160.00 (This design is being discontinued so is available whilst stocks last)

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