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We stock and demonstrate a large range of cartridges, please click on the links below for some of our favourite models:

Cartridges under £499

Cartridges above £500


We keep a wide range of styli in stock and can get a suitable replacement stylus for most cartridges, new or old.

Cartridge Exchanges

Most manufacturers of MC cartridges (where the styli are not user replaceable) offer an exchange price for the old cartridge against a new example. It is also often possible to simultaneously upgrade  to a more expensive model in the same range if desired. Please contact us for a quotation.

Cartridge Rebuilds

Where the manufacturer no longer supports an older cartridge we can have your old cartridge rebuilt, most things from a simple retip to a replacement cantilever are possible. We primarily use vdH for rebuilds as we’ve found his workmanship to be impeccable and the resulting sound can often be an improvement too. Please contact us for a quotation detailing the model of cartridge and any known faults.

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