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Description: Integrated amplifier with Digital and Analogue inputs, with high gloss black sleeve

Condition: Ex demonstration, very good condition,

Packaging: Yes

The Quad Vena is an integrated amplifier with added functionality thanks to its internal DAC. Alongside two line level inputs are a variety of digital connections, including optical, coaxial and USB (unusually with both A and B type connectors). There’s also the convenience of bluetooth for streaming from your phone, a remote control and a headphone socket - if we’re being picky, all that’s missing is an internal phono stage.

As standard the enclosure is all metal and finished in the classic Lancaster Grey finish. For an additional cost it is also available with a wood sleeve finished in Sapele Mahogany, High Gloss White or High Gloss black (as shown in these pictures), and this really transforms the appearance from a clearly retro inspired design to something far more contemporary.

Whilst you can’t expect an amplifier with a DAC inside it to equal the sound of some of purist amplifiers at this price point, that would be missing the point, this is about offering a multi purpose product that can be run from a phone, computer, tv or analogue source-  making it absolutely ideal for those with limited space (and funds). It produces a very listenable sound that’s refined and easy on the ear, which is, frankly, a very Quad way of doing things.