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Quadraspire Q4 and SVT Bronze Upgrade

Introduced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Q4 rack, the Bronze upgrade is an isolator that can be used on the top shelf of any Q4, Q4 Evo, Q4 Wall shelf. A version for the SVT racks and wall shelves is also available. Their research into using different materials when developing the new X REFERENCE top of the range rack, led them to Bronze - a material which they found sounded superior to everything else. In our experience Bronze is an excellent material for this sort of application, having a more harmonious decay to notes and a sumptuousness to tonality that simply isn’t present with the standard aluminium version.

The assembly consists of a Top Bolt and Lock nut and then a small rounded spike and smaller locknut that screws into the top bolt – all engineered at the Quadraspire factory in the south of Bath. The upgrade can be easily fitted to the top shelf of your rack or Wall bracket for the benefit of the source component placed onto that shelf.

Quadraspire Q Bronze upgrade for Q4 and Q4 Evo and SVT shelves: £470.00

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