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Home > Special Offers > JC Verdier Nouvelle

Description: Turntable (no arm included). 3 arm boards supplied

Condition: Very good condition.

The Nouvelle version of the classic Verdier Platine deck is a beautiful if slightly imposing monster of a turntable. The main part of the turntable is finished in a  high gloss black finish, supported on three feet which offer isolation in the form of damped air bellows. The substantial platter is made from a non-magnetic alloy, weighs 16kg and runs on a superbly engineered main bearing which uses a cushion of oil - removing the need for the high pressure thrust bearing that would otherwise be required to support this sort of weight.

This example is supplied with three arm boards (SME, Rega and 20mm Moerch cuts, which are adjustable to span 9” to 12” arms) and two armboards can be used simultaneously if desired.

The motor is mounted in a separate housing and uses a DC motor which drives the platter via a cotton thread. It has switchable 33 and 45 rpm facility and fine speed is easily adjusted via two rotary controls, one for each speed.

The sound is quite exceptional, reproducing inky black silences where needed with superb detail retrieval and great dynamics.

The boxes are included although due to the weight and fragility we would prefer not to mail order if at all possible.