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Home > Special Offers >Pro-Ject CD Box RS & Unibox power supply

Description: CD Trasnport and matching upgraded power supply

Condition: Very good condition, ex demonstration

Packaging: Yes

The CD BOX RS is a very attractive and diminutively sized top loading CD transport from Project. The chassis is beautifully made from thick aluminium panels, and a large and clear colour display dominates the fascia and provides useful information including CD Text. A row of toggle switches are provided for the most common functions, with a remote control offering more functionality (direct track access and so on).

Around the back there are a wide number of connection options including coaxial (S/PDIF) and optical (Toslink), AES/EBU balanced, as well as Projects own I2S ‘Sonic’ output (with clock link). A small external switch mode power supply is included and this can be upgraded to a much larger linear design (which is housed in the same size casework as the CD BOX RS) by simply plugging it in.


The CD is held in place with a magnetic puck and a heavy ‘lift off’ aluminium lid keeps out light, reduces vibration and adds a rather pleasing ritual to loading and unloading discs.

Sonically it’s absolutely delightful and very difficult to fault at this price point. It has a sound that is substantial and colourful - in no way thin and bleached as many other CD transports can be. Rhythmically it also scores very highly, getting toes tapping immediately, which naturally draws you further into the performance.

Above: CD Box RS with Uni Box power supply along side

Adding the Uni Box power supply (included on this ex demo unit)  takes the performance up several notches everywhere, dynamics grow stronger, low frequencies become more solid, there’s less grain, more space around instruments and simply more musicality - rhythmically and expressively things take on a new lease of life.

This transport is a firm favourite, don’t be put off by its small physical size, its sound has scale to match the largest rivals.

Dimension: W x H x D (W/Sockets):  206 x 72 x 200 (240)mm