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Thames Valley Audio Fayre 20th june 2010

The very first Bracknell Audio Fayre seemed a great success, it’s always difficult to get  the momentum going for any new event of this type but if this premier is anything to go by then this event could well grow to become as popular as the long established Tonbridge audio jumble.

There were a good variety of stall holders selling everything from classic hi-fi, electronic components and LPs.

We were situated in a conference room on the first floor and bought along a variety of records, equipment, cables and accessories, as well as a demonstration system detailed below:

There were quite a few impediments for getting a good sound in the room available to us, we only had very limited setup time, there was a noisy gym in the room above us and the wall we needed to have behind the speakers was so thin it was almost transparent... Nonetheless having lugged quite a lot of heavy equipment up the stairs I think it’s fair to say we were quite pleased with the results. The room had an amazing ability to absorb sound (leading to a softness and lack of low end impact) but was thankfully fairly dead considering the lack of furnishings, a great blessing as we ran out of room in the van to bring out normal acoustic treatment products.

The system we bought along consisted of the following items:

•Nottingham Analogue Ace Space turntable

•Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna 12” tonearm

•Audio Note IQ3 cartridge

•Audion Premier pre amplifier

•Note Audio Products MM Phono Stage 1

•Audion Black Shadow 845 monoblock amplifiers

•Audio Note AN-E HE Spe speakers

•Atlas Navigator and Hyper cables throughout

•Something Solid PXR 3 tier equipment support

•Something Solid PMR amplifier stands

•Something Solid XF AN-E stands

•Something Solid Missing Link feet and Dissipating Feet used throughout

Above: Lastly, just a small number of the range of accessories and cables we bought along.

For information about future events please see the Thames Valley Audio Fayre

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