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Turntables from £700 to £1,999

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Michell TecnoDec

The TecnoDec is the entry level Michell Turntable. It shares a lot of design elements with the more expensive Gyro SE, including a free standing DC motor (pictured below left), an acrylic/vinyl composite platter and oil pumping inverted bearing making it something of a bargain. As you’d expect from Michell it is beautifully engineered and very easy to setup and use thanks to its lack of suspension. The deck can be upgraded by the use of the Michell HR power supply (please see the power supply page for more details). The armboard (pictured below right) is a Rega cut and will accept both the original single point and newer 3 point fixings, and can be supplied with or without a range of tonearms, as priced below.


-Michell TecnoDec excluding tonearm: £775.00

-Michell TecnoDec with Rega RB202 £973.00

-Michell TecnoDec with new Tecnoarm a in Silver £1,440.00

-Michell TecnoDec with new Tecnoarm a in Black £1,452.00

Project The Classic

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Pro-Ject have introduced The Classic, a modern take on the classic turntables of the past - the sort that inspired the founder, Heinz Lichtenegger, to get into turntable manufacturing in the first place.

As can be seen in the picture above, the plinth is made from two pieces, the lower contains the motor and 6 Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE) balls that the ‘suspended’ chassis sit upon.

The platter is machined from an Aluminium Alloy and is internally damped with more TPE. The sub platter runs on a low noise/friction Teflon lined bearing.

The 9” tonearm is an all new model, featuring an aluminium tapered tube clad in Carbon Fibre, resulting in a very stiff, low resonance and low mass design. The bearings are made from Zircon, a gemstone which should provide a very low friction. To top it all off is a factory fitted Ortofon 2M silver cartridge.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 131 x 351mm (lid closed)

Weight: 10.2kg (net)

Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm

Lid: included

Finishes: Eucalyptus, Rosenut or Walnut (as pictured) finishes

Project The Classic turntable package: £799.00

Rega RP6

The RP6 is the latest turntable from Rega, and is replacing the long standing P5 in their range. As you’d expect it shares a lot of the improvements already seen on the RP3 turntable, including the RB303 tonearm and double chassis brace. Further improvements are bought by an improved plinth which is is finished in a variety of high gloss paint finishes including White, Black, Green, and Red.

The platter is a new laminated design, made from two pieces of glass bonded together, and to mate with this is an aluminium cap on top of the sub platter. The latest version of the TT-PSU is used to provide an external power supply and easy speed switching, and is pictured below.

The turntable can be ordered as a package with the Rega Exact cartridge already fitted, please see below for the pricing options:

Rega RP6 turntable: £898.00

Rega RP6 turntable with Exact cartridge fitted: £1,098.00

Edwards Audio TT3SE

The TT3SE is a completely new turntable design from Edwards Audio, and I feel it features an unusually high specification for a turntable at this price point. Finished in a choice of white or black high gloss paint, the plinth is a double layer design which helps separate the motor and power supply from the tonearm and main bearing, which serves to reduce physically transmitted noise. A thick 22mm acrylic platter is supported by an aluminium hub, which itself runs on a low friction sapphire bearing. A custom made AC motor is used and the power supply features DC blocking to further reduce noise.

The Rega derived tonearm features a rigid brass counterweight and no external arm wire - instead there are phono sockets on the rear of the plinth, allowing the use of any suitable interconnect cable. So all you need to do is add a cartridge and cable and it’s ready to go.

The TT3SE is a seriously good sounding turntable, it has a sound that is clean and open, with great focus and separation - almost certainly a result of the work done to control vibration within the plinth and platter. There are impressive dynamics on display too, with transients having excellent speed of attack and a natural decay. Tonally it’s very well balanced, the lack of obvious colouration shows itself across the board.

Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm

Lid: included

Finishes: Gloss White, Red or  Black

Edwards Audio TT3SE turntable with tonearm, excluding cartridge: £899.95

Edwards Audio TT3SE turntable with tonearm and Goldring 1006 cartridge: £1,094.95

Audio Note TT1 & TT2

Audio Note purchased the rights to continue making the Systemdex IIX when the original manufacturer ceased production several years ago. The TT1 (shown above) and the TT2 are evolutions of that basic design.  Both decks use acrylic platters and motor pulleys with aluminium arm boards supported upon 3 springs and come complete with acrylic dust covers.

The TT2 has the addition of a second motor, positioned opposite the other to double the power available and also equalise the force on the bearing.  Both decks sound neutral and fast without being lightweight and dynamics, which are still very good on the TT1 become outstanding on the TT2.

The TT1 and TT2 are available in the following finishes: Black, Cherry, Rosewood and Light Ash and arm boards can be supplied blank or cut for Rega and SME mountings.

Audio Note TT1 excluding tonearm: £POA at manufacturers request

Audio Note TT2 excluding tonearm: £POA at manufacturers request

New for 2011 are the Deluxe versions of both TT1 and TT2, please see below and the next page for more details.

Project 2X SB DC

The 2Xperience SB DC is a very comprehensively turntable package. It includes the carbon fibre 9cc Evolution tonearm with the Ortofon 2M silver cartridge already pre fitted. The rigid MDF chassis is available in a variety of different high quality finishes (see list below) including real wood veneers. A full electronic speed control is integrated into the plinth (with an external wall wart power supply) with easy push button speed change. The platter is made from a sandwich construction with integral vinyl ’mat’ and includes a screw on record clamp. Little touches, like the suspended motor, are really well thought through and elegant.

This is a lot of turntable for the money, the sound is crisp, exciting and involving, digging lots of energy from the groove without becoming tiring or aggressive.

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm,electronic change

Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Silver factory fitted

Lid: Included

Finishes:  Olive, Walnut, Mahogany and Piano Black.

Pro-ject 2 Xperience SB DC  turntable, arm and cartridge package: £1,050.00

Nottingham Analogue Space Deck


The Nottingham Analogue Space deck has been around for a few years now (with over 10,000 sold) although you’d never know it, as it looks as fresh today as it did when it was launched.

The deck rests on a square wooden platform which is finished in gloss black as standard (the marble effect blue plinth in the pictures is no longer available), other colour options are available to special order. The deck can be used with or without this platform, as the deck and motor are both free standing.

It features a high mass platter and low torque motor, the idea being that the motor effectively tops up the energy to keep the platter rotating but without any excess that would result in a cogging effect as it rotates. This has a useful side effect in that the deck does away with a power switch, to use the deck you simply start the platter spinning by hand and stop it by slowing it, simple and wonderfully effective.

Almost any arm can be accommodated on the deck including Rega’s, SME’s and of course Nottingham Analogue’s own models. It’s also possible to fit two tonearms when required.

The deck is also easily upgradeable, with a wide range of modifications available from the factory, it also responds very well to the addition of a good power supply  (see our turntable power supplies page for more details).

Speeds: 33.3 & 45rpm, manual change

Lid: NA

Finish:  Black.

Nottingham Analogue Space Deck: £1,270.00 excluding tonearm

Nottingham Analogue Interspace Junior

The Interspace junior is a package of turntable and tonearm from Nottingham Analogue. The deck is based around a very solid plinth, with which houses the motor and bearing, and like the Space Deck it features a high mass platter. The tonearm is the Interspace unipivot tonearm with carbon fibre arm tube. We feel this is an excellent combination, which offers fantastic value for money and build quality.

Nottingham Analogue Interspace Junior: £1,400.00 including tonearm

Nottingham Analogue ACE Spacedeck

This is an evolved version of the standard Spacedeck mentioned above. It features a bearing with a higher  lead/bronze mix in it as well as a thrust pump at the bottom (like their more expensive decks). This gives a quieter bearing, lowering the noise floor allowing low level detail to be retrieved more readily. The armbase and motor housing are made from Steel with 10% lead content instead of the Aluminium used on the standard deck, again giving (much) higher mass and more damping.

Despite only a relatively small price jump and near identical appearance, the Ace Spacedeck really builds upon all of the strengths of the Spacedeck, the sound has even more authority and stability (which was hardly a failing of the original) without losing any speed or openness. For me, this deck is an absolute bargain for the performance it offers and is very highly recommended.

The turntable base and plinth are finished in black as standard, but other many other RAL colours are available to special order.

Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck: £1,500.00 excluding tonearm

Michell Gyro SE

The Gyro SE (short for Spider Edition) is a suspended turntable which combines high suspended mass (11kg) with a low mass acrylic chassis. A free standing DC motor reduces noise transfer and is powered from an external power supply which is upgradeable with the HR power supply that uses the Never Connected technology.

The Gyro is a very neutral sounding deck that lets the character of the arm and cartridge dictate the tonality of sound, although it always has good solidity with well defined imaging.  Speed and resolution are exceptional making this a highly entertaining deck that is as much fun to look at as to listen to.

Most commonly it is fitted with either a Rega tonearm, Michell’s own Tecnoarm or an SME (as pictured above), but armboards for almost all tonearms are available to order.

Michell Gyro SE: £1,490.00 excluding tonearm

Michell Gyro SE in black: £1,679.00 excluding tonearm

Roksan Radius 5

The Roksan Radius 5 is quite an unusual turntable and a welcome return to more affordable turntables from this mould breaking company.  The price includes the Nima tonearm but excludes a cartridge and is available in Acrylic finish (as pictured here) or with Walnut or Maple veneer.

The chassis is supported on 3 spikes and the sub-chassis is then decoupled from it by compliant rubber supports which are similar in nature to those found on Roksan’s more expensive Xerxes turntable. The motor is also compliantly mounted to reduce any noise entering the platter. In the photograph above, taken with the platter removed,  you can even see the power supply through the acrylic.  


The Nima tonearm is quite radical in both appearance and construction. Its a unipivot design which gives certain benefits due to the simplicity of its construction.

The sound of the Radius is one of openness, space and flow, the latter characteristic which is a particular attribute of the Unipivot arm used.

Roksan Radius 5.2 in clear or black acrylic: £1,550.00

Rega RP8

The RP8 is quite possibly the most radical turntable ever produced by Rega and one I’ve been looking forward to ever since the rumours started a few months ago. What makes this deck particularly exciting is its unusual plinth, which combines a high tech material - an exceptionally lightweight composite which has two phenolic skins sandwiching a polyolefin foam resulting in exceptional lightness - with a decoupled outer frame and dust cover, enabling the sonic benefits of a skeletal turntable design with  the convenience of an easy to use lid. What’s more the frame and lid can be completely removed, allowing you to see the elegant shape of the chassis.

The tonearm is the new RB808 which is the latest in the new models from Rega and features improvements to the bearings and wiring over the cheaper models. The arm is coupled to the bearing rigidly thanks to the dual braces, the top one made from Magnesium and the one on the underside of the deck from a phenolic resin  - both very light and stiff materials.

Finishing the deck off is a triple layer glass platter with very strong flywheel effect thanks to the concentration of weight at the perimeter, and the TT-PSU power supply which provides a clean supply with electronic speed control.

Rega RP8 turntable excluding cartridge: £1,598

Rega RP8 turntable with Exact MM cartridge package price: £1,798

Rega RP8 turntable with Apheta2 MC cartridge package price: £2,298

Michell Gyrodek mkV

This is the classic turntable that spawned the Gyro SE (featured above). It differs from the SE by having a full size plinth and a hinged dust cover. The SE arguably has a slight edge in terms of performance due to its lower mass and smaller surface area which reduces its susceptibility to acoustic borne feedback, however from a convenience point of view the full version easily wins for most people because of its convenient hinged dust cover. The standard version is available with clear or tinted acrylic. The Bronze version features all black chassis, black acrylic and bronze coloured metal work and costs £130 extra.

Michell GyroDec: £1,945.00

Michell GyroDec with Rega RB202 arm: £2,143.00

Michell GyroDec with Tecnoarm a in silver: £2,610.00

Michehll Gryodec Black or Gold finish option, add £185.00 onto prices above

Please note the record clamp is not included, but is available separately

Nottingham Analogue Space 294

This is the third and top Space deck derivative, it has the same refinements seen in the ACE Space deck shown elsewhere but with a large 14” (355mm) platter which gives much more rotational stability due to its increased inertia. It can only be used with a 12” tonearm for obvious reasons, and unlike the other models in the range it will not take two tonearms.

The turntable base and plinth are finished in black as standard, but other many other RAL colours are available to special order.

Nottingham Analogue Space 294 turntable excluding tonearm £1,830.00

Audio Note TT1 Deluxe

New for 2011 is the Deluxe version of the TT1 turntable. This deck is an evolved version of the TT1 and features a plinth made from plywood for its superior sonic properties. More details to follow. It is available in a variety of finishes: Gloss black or White as well real wood veneers of  Black Ash, Cherry and Rosewood. Arm boards can be supplied blank or cut for Rega and SME mountings.

Audio Note TT1 Deluxe excluding tonearm: £POA at manufacturers request

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