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Turntable tweaks

Whilst we update these pages please see our ebay shop which features a wide range of Hifi accessories

Record Clamps

Turntable Mats

Record Cleaning

Turntable power supplies

Nottingham Analogue turntable upgrades

Michell turntable upgrades

Rega turntable/tonearm upgrades

Record displays


Play and Display are the ultimate accessory for the lover of Lps. These superb picture frames allow you to display your favourite 12” record sleeves, and their clever hinged construction allows you to play or change the display record very easily. These are now available in either white or black and are sold singly or in packs of three.

Play and Display single pack (white or black): £39.00

Play and Display triple pack (white or black: £99.00

7” single Adaptor


Rega have produced this wonderfully turned aluminium adaptor to fit 45rpm singles that have had their centres pushed out. Suitable for use on almost all turntables: £22.00

Turntable Setup Tools

-The Cartridge Man/Hifi News test LP Invaluable tool for anyone who is serious about setting their turntable up correctly. The LP has various test tones starting with the basics such as channel identification and phasing through to tracking tests, resonance and bias/anti-skate tests. Also includes a good quality alignment protractor suitable for almost all tonearms (including parallel trackers): £25.  

-Cardas  frequency sweep and burn in Record

The ‘Sweeper’ includes frequency sweeps that are claimed to ultrasonically clean the cartridge stylus and degauss the entire system. The burn in sections feature locked grooves, so speeding up cartridge running in very effectively: £28.00


-Mobile Fidelity Geo Disc 3D Alignment protractor, a hard wearing and easy to use 12” plastic disc that makes cartridge alignment a doddle: £44.95  

-Project Strobe it strobe disc with 33.3, 45 and 78 speeds, also comes with a handy alignment protractor printed on the reverse: £25.00

-Martin Bastin Strobe Disc and Zapper, a highly accurate way to check your turntables speed accuracy. Because the Zapper is independent from the mains its a far more accurate way to illuminate the strobe markings than a mains powered light: £50 (requires 2 x AA batteries not included).

-Clearaudio Break in LP useful for ensuring you get the best performance out of any new cartridge in the fastest time possible. This record has a locked groove with pink noise to really loosen up a fresh cartridge : £55

Michell Engineering cartridge tags

The Michell cartridge pin kit features very high quality silver plated cartridge tags and coloured heatshrink. They are an expanding design so they fit most cartridge pins without needing to be adjusted with pliers(so are much less likely to get broken off during this fiddly job). I fit these to almost all our demonstration tonearms as they make cartridge swapping much easier!

-Michell Cartridge Pin Kit: £15.00

-Dynavector Stylus cleaning brush, carbon fibre bristled design: £14.00

-Audio Technica AT607 alcohol based stylus cleaning fluid, includes basic brush: £14.95.

-Lyra SPT Stylus Cleaner.   Originally designed to clean and also improve the performance of Lyra cartridges but it will also work its magic on many other cartridges too: £35.

-Last Stylus cleaner includes applicator and fluid: £20.

-Mobile fidelity LP#9 stylus cleaning fluid, comes with carbon fibre brush: £22.99

Dust Covers

-Michell Unicover Universal Dustcover. This stylish acrylic cover keeps dust off the platter  and tonearm when not in use. It will fit almost any turntable: £59.00

-Michell SEcure cover designed for the Gyro and Orbe SE turntables but suitable for many others too: £249

-SRM Size 1 Universal clear acrylic turntable dust cover (as pictured above), measures  510 x 410 x 200mm: £185.

-SRM Size 2 Universal clear acrylic turntable dust cover, measures  520 x 440 x 260mm: £185.

Tonearm plugs



I spent ages trying to find tonearm plugs that were a worthwhile improvement over the standard SME ones and with the Atlas plugs shown here I feel I’ve finally achieved it. They are available in either straight output or right angled cable exit, so should suit almost any deck. They’re beautifully turned, highly gold plated, PTFE insulated and will accept cables up to 6mm diameter (per channel). The top two pictures show the right angled exit , the two lower images show the straight exit version.

-Atlas straight exit tonearm plug: £60.50

-Atlas Right angled exit tonearm plug £60.50

Rega tonearm Accessories and Tweaks

-Michell Finger lock nut for use with Rega type tonearms that allows the arm to be tightened by hand, without requiring a spanner. Makes VTA adjustment a doddle when combined with the VTA adjuster listed above: £13.25

Edwards Audio TT-CW

The Edwards Audio counterweight is an upgraded rigid counterweight and stub designed to fit all cast Rega toneams (I.e. RB250, RB251 and upwards). This counterweight is beautifully made and finished in lacquered polished brass, with a top mounted thumbscrew that clamps the weight in place, there is no rubber decoupling used which brings gains to definition and detail.

Edwards Audio TT-CW counterweight: £74.95


-Michell Tecnoweight ultra high quality replacement under-slung counterweight and stub for Rega RB250, RB300 and RB600 tonearms. Comes complete with two weights to ensure an accurate match with any cartridge and the precisely calibrated markings on the adjuster also do the job of a stylus balance: £99.00.

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