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Deco turntable plinths

We restore, repair and refinish a lot of turntables but ultimately felt that we couldn’t recommend many of the plinth solutions that were on the market, as they simply didn’t meet our requirements for finish or sound quality. So we have been working with a true craftsman so that we can offer plinths tailored exactly to your requirements. So whether you have a Garrard, Thorens, Technics, Denon or Goldring turntable requiring a plinth, then we can help.

 To give you a taste of what is possible the first plinth produced was for a Lenco L75 turntable, detailed below;

The brief for this particular plinth was to use multiple layers of  25mm thick Finnish plywood which we find is an exceptionally good sounding material for plinths. This relatively high mass layered design helps sink vibration from the large motor very effectively, and each layer of the plinth was sized to allow the smallest cut outs possible, reducing dead space inside.

The dimensions were based upon an existing clearcover acrylic dust cover that we like (we keep a variety of  other dust cover sizes available and can also have custom made designs produced).

The construction techniques used for this design included state of the art Computer Aided Design, which controls cutting edge CNC machinery for incredibly precise cuts. However the finishing is something that can only be done by hand by an experienced craftsman. On this example a gorgeous Birds Eye Maple veneer was wrapped around the outside. This then received 7 coats of Danish oil (with each coat requiring hand cutting afterwards) before finally being sealed with 2 coats of  beeswax.

The top and bottom of this particular plinth were covered with solid black acrylic, resulting in a classic (and appropriate, given our name) Art Deco appearance. The finish touch will be the restored Lenco turntable which is being refinished in a matching gloss black (pictures to follow).

Above: At the rear there is an integrated IEC socket and chassis mounted phono sockets and ground connector

The plinths will not be mass produced, they will invariably be made specifically for you, a truly unique piece of furniture that will look as good in decades as it does today. As such pricing them will be on an individual basis, but as a guideline one similar to the design pictured above (which has a fairly involved and luxurious specification) would be in the region of £630 (excluding lid & turntable).

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