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Tonearms over £700

Nottingham Analogue Ace Space

The Ace Space tonearm is a beautifully hand crafted design. It features an ultra light weight carbon fibre arm tube and uses a damped unipivot bearing. This damping means this arm is as easy to handle as a fixed pivot tonearm, suffering none of the instability you otherwise tend to get when cueing. It produces a delightfully natural sound with exceptional speed and good dynamics.

It is available in two different lengths, a 10” model (shown in the top photo) and a 12” version (as pictured below). A 12” tonearm is always preferable where you have space for it as it lowers tracking distortion, offering a more consistent and effortless sound throughout an LP side.

Nottingham Analogue 10” Ace Space tonearm: £900.00

Nottingham Analogue 12” Ace Space tonearm: £1,050.00

Audio Origami PU7

The Audio Origami PU7 is an evolution of the classic Syrinx PU3 tonearm and is hand made to order (with each arm taking in the region of 4 weeks to be produced). The specification is completely customisable, with a choice of arm tube lengths between 9 to 12 inches and arm mass can also be specified to ensure the perfect match with your cartridge. The standard finish is a high quality matt bead blasted silver, with Polished, custom colour anodising and gold or chrome plating all available as options. The standard model has Cardas copper wiring with Ikeda wiring available as an upgrade.

-Audio Origami PU7 9” arm in bead blasted finish: £1,999.00

-Audio Origami PU7 9” arm in silver mirror polished finish: £2,460.00

-Audio Origami PU7 Deluxe Signature Model. 9”-12” arm in gold or chrome plated finish: £3,500.00

Here’s a small selection of some of the custom options available:

5pin tonearm connector fitted in arm base (instead of captive external wire): +£100

Custom anodised parts (i.e. Black, Pink, etc): +£360

Longer 10”, 11” and 12” arm tubes: +£300

Ikeda silver internal arm wiring: +£375


Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna

The Ace Anna is the reference tonearm from Nottingham Analogue. This features all the ‘Ace’ refinements and tweaks that have evolved the cheaper Ace Space into the giant killer that it is, so when applied to this, the ultimate Nottingham Analogue arm you can begin to imagine the results! It’s difficult to know where to start with this tonearm, I struggle to find any short comings with it and find it combines remarkable resolution, a wonderfully open and spacious top end along with prodigious bandwidth, musicality and neutrality. It’s a very difficult tonearm to surpass and works with a very wide variety of cartridges too.

Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna 10” tonearm: £2,150.00

Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna 12” tonearm: £2,340.00

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