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Tonearms up to £699

Rega RB202

The RB202 is the successor to the classic RB250 tonearm, famed for its remarkable sound at an incredibly low price point. The RB202 uses their latest arm tube design which was made possible thanks to the latest computer modelling technology, which allowed them to  reshape the arm tube and reduce mass from the headshell end and have a more flowing, organic shape near the bearing housing.

Initial auditioning suggests that this is a seriously worthy replacement for the RB250, it combines the precision of this classic arm with a more transparent and colourful midrange making it an absolute steal at this price level.

Rega RB202 tonearm: £198.00

Rega RB303

The Rega RB303 is quite possibly one of those landmark products that comes along only once in a blue moon. Its true predecessor, the RB300, revolutionised budget tonearm performance when it was launched in 1983 and became the standard against which all others were judged. The RB303 seems to have gone a serious step further, and it appears to be thanks to an improvement to what makes the classic Rega tonearms so special - their one piece cast arm tube. Rega have come up with an all new tube design for the RB303, using the latest computer modelling technology they have reshaped the arm tube reducing mass from the headshell end and have a more flowing, organic shape near the bearing housing.

The results based on early listening are something of a revelation, the sound is more immediate, cleaner and the slight greyness that Rega arms have always exhibited appears to have gone too. Now I’m not rubbishing the sound of the old arm, it was and is a giant killer, its limitations were fairly benign and never a real issue with sane priced system combinations, but they were identifiable and repeatable. However the RB303 seems to have addressed these few weak points and in doing so moved the benchmark for budget tonearms on a huge leap further.  

Rega RB303 tonearm: £348.00

Rega RB808

The RB808 tonearm from Rega takes the design seen in the RB202 and RB3030 to the next level. Like those arms it uses their latest arm tube design, and adds a more rigid metal arm base, a special, thicker, coating on the tube (which serves to damp the arm more than the normal powder coating) and very precisely set bearings giving exceptional freedom to movement. To finish it off  a low capacitance Rega cable is externally.

Rega RB808 tonearm: £598

Nottingham Analogue Interspace

The Interspace tonearm is fantastic value for money. It combines an ultra light weight carbon fibre arm tube with a damped unipivot bearing and is in essence a scaled down version of the Ace Space arms (see below). As you’d expect from Nottingham Analogue the engineering is superb and the sound is fast, open and immediate.

Nottingham Analogue Interspace 9” tonearm: £640.00

Tonearms over £700

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