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Rega System One

We don’t normally sell systems pre packaged, preparing to work with the customer to come up with a setup that suits their specific needs. But with the System One we can make an exception, as the financial savings and simple package make this setup a great way to get a serious vinyl based hi-fi system with the minimum of fuss.

The The System One is a the first ever system package from Rega, it offers a saving over purchasing the items separately with the convenience of it all arriving in one box- even includes loudspeakers cables!

The individual items need little introduction, as they are already very highly regarded items in their own right. The package includes the following:

-Rega Planar 1 in black (fitted with Rega Carbon cartridge)

-Rega Io amplifier in black (features remote control, headphone socket and 2 additional line level inputs)

-Rega Kyte speakers in black

-2 x 3m Rega speaker cables

The box it comes packed in is quite substantial, at around 19kg, but includes everything you need to get the system up and running. All the items are straight forward to setup and use and the resulting sound quality is really excellent for the price, with great detail, definition and speed, making the music sound exciting and involving in the way that very few systems at this level can.


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