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Our Showcase Room features systems and components you can use as if they’re your own, bring in your own music and spend as long as you like enjoying the performance. Read more here.

What’s on Now

Avantgarde Duo XD

The majestic Avantgarde Duo XD are currently in our Showcase Room, so why not bring some music and pop in on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (other days and evenings by appointment) to hear what this remarkable speaker can do. Please note the connected system will evolve throughout their time in the room.

About the Showcase Room

The Showcase Room is a demonstration space dedicated to featuring components or systems. Think of it like an interactive hi-fi show, where you can come along and use the system as if it’s your own - bring in your LPs or CDs and spend as much time as you like listening - no booking is required, and there will be absolutely no pressure, it’s just a bit of fun. All we ask is that if multiple people are here at the same time that it’s shared so that everyone gets a fair chance to listen (and that if we have a demonstration on in a neighbouring room that the volume is not excessive).

Sometimes it will be our favourite systems, other times it may be items from visiting manufacturers - just a big variety of interesting equipment from affordable to aspirational to play with.

The system/items will be available on the dates listed above during normal Showroom working hours of 10am to 5.30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays  (and at other times/dates by appointment). Keep an eye on the diary above (or our social media accounts, or why not join our subscribers list) as we will regularly be adding dates for new setups.

Previous Showcase Events

2018 Heco Direkt

July 2017 Rega Research

June 2017 Croft Acoustics

May 2017 Audio Note Digital setup

January 2017 AxHorn AxJet

August 2016 ProAc D48

September 2016 Heco Direkt

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