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Vinyl cleaning and care

Antistatic Inner Sleeves

-Goldring Exstatic Poly lined Inner sleeves. Full replacement inner sleeves protect your records from static whilst the soft lining reduces the chance of dust scratching the playing surface, which is one of the biggest causes of surface noise: £19.90 for 25.

-Antistatic record sleeves. The inner sleeves are best used as liners to go inside an existing record inner sleeve. The soft anti static material means that the LP is protected every time it’s taken in or our of the sleeve. These are very similar to the famous Nagaoka inner sleeves, we supply these in a tube of 50: £19.95.

-Mobile Fidelity Original Master Sleeves. These high quality anti static inner sleeves will be familiar to anyone that has bought a Mo-Fi released LP. A pack of 50 costs £24.95.

Record cleaning

-Goldring Exstatic Record Brush. Good record brushes like these are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Using Carbon Fibre bristles and a felt pad this brush should remove all the surface dust from your records: £19.95.

-Carbon Fibre record brush as above but does not feature the felt pad making it easier to use on most belt drive turntables: £10.

-Tonar Tacky Cleaner. Washable roller that has a sticky surface which can remove dirt from the LP surface: £25.50

-Zerostat 3 antistatic gun. Simply point and shoot this at your LP’s and CD’s and the flow of positive ions counteracts the static charge that can be deleterious to sound quality and cause additional background noise on LP’s : £47.00.

Knosti Disco Antistat

The Knosti Disco Antistat is a manual record cleaner that comes complete with everything you need to clean your LPs remarkably effectively. It’s the best alternative we’ve found for cleaning records for those people that don’t want the expense or size of a vacuum based cleaner (detailed below). Simply clamp the LP the label to keep it dry, rotate the LP through the bath of fluid (provided) and then put on the rack to dry.

Knosti Disco Antistat record cleaner: £49.95

Knosti Disco Antistat Fluid for above record cleaner: £19.95

Knosti Disco Antistat Generation II

Improved premium version of the classic Disco Antistat record cleaner.

Knosti Disco Antistat Generation II record cleaner: £71.00

Knosti Disco Antistat Fluid for above record cleaner: £19.95

Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II

Record cleaning system using a bath of fluid and suitable for cleaning all records including 7” singles, 12” albums and 78 rpm records (the supplied fluid is alcohol free, so is safe with shellac).

Spin Clean Record Washer System Mk II record cleaning system: £90.00


16oz washer fluid: £22.50

32oz washer fluid: £32.50

Brushes (pair, internal): £25.00

Rollers (pair): £22.50

Drying cloths (5 pack): £17.50

Pro-ject VC-S mk2 Record cleaning machine

The VC-S is a new cleaning machine from Pro-ject. It features a powerful vacuum and a twin direction motor so that the LP can be cleaned in both directions. In use it’s much like any other vacuum design albeit with a surprisingly fast motor which makes cleaning an LP incredibly quick. It is supplied with a bottle of their alcohol free Wash-It cleaning fluid (a concentrate, it will require dilution with distilled water, not supplied) and a goats hair brush. An optional lid is available and there are a wide variety of consumables available, detailed below.

Project VC-S mk2 record cleaning machine: £349.00

Optional dust cover and hinges: £25.00


Cleaning Lips: £3.50/pair

Goats hair brush: £20.00

Wash-It 100ml cleaning fluid: £15.00

Wash-It 250ml cleaning fluid: £22.50

Wash-It 500ml cleaning fluid: £30.00

Wash-It 1000ml cleaning fluid: £45.00

Moth Record Cleaning Machines

We’ve been using and recommending the Moth RCM series of record cleaning machines for years as they’re incredibly effective and very robust. Simply apply a cleaning fluid to the LP surface and then vacuum it clean/dry, a filthy LP will look spotless after cleaning, and the process only takes a few moments.

There are two versions available, priced below. Both machines allow you to clean the LP in either direction (which is quite useful to thoroughly clean a very dirty LP), the only difference is that the Pro has an additional cooling fan (recommended if you’re cleaning more than a dozen LP’s at a time).   

The machines comes with everything you need to get you going, including fluid, spreading brush and some anti static sleeves to put your now clean LPs into.

The optional Accessory Kit makes it easy to clean 7” and 10” records, including 78s (as long as an alcohol free cleaning solution is used of course!).

Moth RCM mkII record cleaning machine: £595

Moth RCM mkII Pro record cleaning machine: £645

Moth RCM Accessory kit: £30.00

Record Cleaning Service

The Deco Audio record cleaning service is available for those who need their LPs cleaned thoroughly. We use the Moth record Cleaning machine and L’ Art du Son fluid to thoroughly clean your records and then place them in new anti static inner sleeves: £2 per 12” LP

Record Cleaning Fluids

-Moth record cleaning solution for record cleaning machines: £17.50 for 1 litre. (5L bottle also available for £42)

-L’ Art du Son Record Cleaning Liquid Concentrated alcohol free record cleaning solution that when mixed with distilled water makes 5 litres of fluid (enough for approximately 500 records). The is my favourite cleaning solution for any vacuum cleaning setup as it’s very nice to use and incredibly efficient: £36.20

Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Clean

The Super Deep Clean  is a pre wash solution for use with vacuum cleaning machines. It’s intended to remove the most stubborn dirt ingrained in the grooves. Simply clean the record as normal with this solution, vacuum off and then use your normal cleaning solution to rinse. Comes in a 470ml/16oz bottle with an easy dispensing cap.

Mobile Fidelity Super Deep Clean: £21.99

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