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Record Clamps

Michell Record Clamp

The Michell Record Clamp fits almost all turntables, this lightweight (65gm) aluminium clamp can both improve sound quality and can help reduce the severity of warps. Available in two versions, a standard one to fit most turntables and an R specification for decks with short spindles like Rega’s that provides another 2mm reach. Both versions cost  £38.50.

KAB Bubble Level

The KAB  Bubble record clamp made from soft rubber this clamp also incorporates a spirit level in the top. It weighs only 60gm: £29.95

Project Record Puck

The Project Record Puck is a high mass (780gm) brass record weight that thanks to its shame is comfortable to handle. It has a felt underside to damp itself against the records label: £60.

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