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Clearlight Audio cones

Please note we are currently experiencing supply problems with RDC products and have very little left currently in stock. We are trying to resolve this problem as quickly as we can, but for the time being please email/call us with your requirements and we’ll check what stocks are available within the UK.

Clearlight cones are made from RDC (Resonance Damping Compound) which is a resin that contains various materials including the extremes of rubber and lead. We sell RDC cones individually as we realise not everyone wants a set of four, which is how the manufacturers sell them to us. Understanding the different models can be confusing so please refer to the photograph below:

-Clearlight Audio RDC1 Cone, 40mm diameter, 37mm tall: £15 each.

-Clearlight Audio RDC2 Cone, 30mm diameter, 27mm tall: £12.50 each.

-Clearlight Audio RDC3 cone,  50mm diameter, 23mm tall: £17.50 each.

-Clearlight Audio RDC5 cone,  30mm diameter, 10mm tall: £7.50 each.

Threaded RDC cones

Whereas the standard cones above are designed to be placed under equipment, the threaded ones below are designed so they can be directly screwed to racks and stands in place of spikes.


Above, in order of left to right: RDC1 6mm, RDC1 8mm, RDC2 6mm and RDC 8mm

-Clearlight Audio RDC1 Threaded, available with either 4mm, 6mm or 8mm threads: £17.50 each.

-Clearlight Audio RDC2 Threaded, available with either 4mm, 6mm or 8mm threads: £15.00 each.

Other Clearlight Audio RDC products

-Clearlight Audio RDC Cone Cups (also known as button Stabilisers), for use underneath RDC1 and RDC2 cones to prevent damage to uncarpeted floors. Can result in a further improvement of sound on most other surfaces too: £7.50 each.

-Clearlight Audio Combi Base (pictured far right) Designed to work with the RDC2 and RDC5 cones as well as cone cups (as shown above). These bases given an extra level of decoupling thanks to the Sorbothane layer: £15.00 each.

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