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Project Power Box RS Uni-4 Power Supply

The Uni power supply is a high quality Linear design  to be used with certain Pro-ject items so that the standard Switch Mode Power Supply can be replaced.

Before discussing it, here’s a bit of background (skip down a couple of paragraphs if you’re already sold on Linear supplies!).

Switch Mode power supplies are primarily used by manufacturers because they are small, lightweight, very efficient (particularly when no power is being drawn) and cheap. They work by increasing (switching) the 50Hz mains supply to a much higher frequency, theoretically well above the audio band. The downside with most Switch Mode Power Supplies is noise, not only do the supplies have high frequency hash imposed upon the DC output they can also radiate physically and even back onto the mains supply, ready to impact other items plugged into the mains nearby.

When comparing Switch Mode supplies against Linear ones it’s always wise to do two comparisons, firstly the Linear supply (with the switch mode unplugged from the mains) against the Switch Mode. Secondly listen just to the Linear with the switch mode plug into the mains (but not connected to the item) and then removed. What you will normally hear are the biggest improvements on the first test, but even on the latter there’s often a lifting of grain and hash from the sound.


Above: Black Finish Pro-Ject Uni.

The Uni id designed to power up to 4 suitable Pro-Ject items and is housed in the same near half width case that all the other Pro-Ject RS components are in, and it’s available in the same Silver or Black finishes.

I wont go on at great length again here about the sonic improvements as I have done so on some of the pages featuring the products that run off these boxes. However I can confirm that they do offer a significant upgrade over the standard power supplies. Undoubtedly a large amount of this is due to the reduction in high frequency noise, but they are also a lower impedance and higher current supplies, which explains the gains in dynamics, bass control and depth.

Above: rear of Pro-Ject Uni 4, which shows the four outputs.

Various RS items can be connected to this power supply, these include  the CD Box RS, DAC Box RS, Head Box RS, Pre Box RS, Pre Box RS Digital and Stream Box RS.

Project Power Box RS Uni 4way, power supply upgrade : £599.00

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