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Turntable Power Supplies

Turntable upgrades: Rega, Michell, Nottingham Analogue

Deco Turntable plinths

CD Players
CD Transports
Digital to Analogue Converters

Portable music (iPod docks and accessories)



Integrated amplifiers below £999

Integrated amplifiers above £1,000
Power Amplifiers up to £2,499
Power Amplifiers above £2,500
Phono Stages

Step Up Transformers


Speakers up to £2,399
Speakers between £2,400 and £3,999

Speakers above £4,000

Speaker Drive Units (DIY)

Vitavox Speaker components

Headphones etc

Headphone Amplifiers

Headphone Accessories


General Accessories

Isolation Platforms • Feet • Cones

Turntable tweaks

Valve Tweaks

CD/DVD Accessories

Mains Products

Mains cables

Mains Distribution & Conditioners

Mains Wall Sockets

IEC Plugs

Mains Plugs

Equipment Modifications

Deco Bespoke service

Stands & Racks

Speaker Stands
Speaker Wall Brackets

Equipment supports

Equipment Wall Supports



Tonearm Cables
Speaker Cables
Digital Coaxial Cables

Digital Optical Cables

USB cables

Mains Products

Mains cables

Mains Distribution & Conditioners

Mains Wall Sockets

IEC Plugs

Mains Plugs

Acoustic Treatment


Turntable tweaks

Record Clamps

Turntable Mats

Record Cleaning

Isolation Platforms • Feet • Cones

Valve Tweaks

CD Accessories

Vinyl (New and used records stocked)

Media Storage

LP Storage
CD Storage

Below is a small selection of some of the brands and distributors we deal with:

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Advanced Acoustics. Art Glas. Atlas Cables. Audion. Audio Note. Audio Origami. Audio Technica. Atacama. Avantgarde Acoustics. The Bespoke Audio Company. Beyer. CEC. Chord Cable Company. Clearaudio. Clearlight. Consonance. Creek Audio. Croft Acoustics. Denon. Dynavector. Eichmann Technologies. Epos. Exposure. Future Glass. Goldring. Grado. Henley Designs. Heretic Audio. Hi-Fi Brokers. Hi-Fi Racks. Isotek. Living Voice. Lowther. Lyra. Marantz. Michell Engineering. Music First Audio. Nordost. Nottingham Analogue. Ortofon (Centre of Excellence). Project. Presence Audio. Pro-Ac. Pure Sound. QED. Quadraspire. Rega. Revolver Audio. Ringmat Developments. Roksan. Russell K. Sennheiser. Silvercore. SME. Something Solid. Stax. Supra. Talk Electronics. Tannoy. Thorens. van den Hul. Velodyne. and many more...

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