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New, ex-demonstration & part exchange special offers

List updated 03 August 2018

Don’t forget to check our ebay shop for a variety of clearance items


-Rega P1 in white with Performance Pack fitted. Part exchanged, now £190.00

-Project Essential 2 DC turntable in black. Ex demonstration, normally £210, now £165.00

-Rega RP8 turntable and tonearm (no cartridge, but we can do a package if desired). Ex demonstration, was £1,679, now £1,150

-Rega RP10 turntable and tonearm (no cartridge, but we can do a package if desired). Part exchanged, now £2,000.


-Grace 707 tonearm. Part exchanged, now £195.00

-Original Live modified RB250. Part exchanged, now SOLD.



-Kiseki Blue Gold Spot. Less than 200 hours use, but suspension is very low (requires readjustment). Part exchanged, now £800 (we can also offer this cartridge with adjustment, please enquire for more details)

-Krell KC100 MC cartridge. Quite possibly rarer than hens teeth. Requires repair as the cantilever is bent. Part exchanged, now £800  (we can also offer this cartridge with repair competed, please enquire for more details).


-Edwards Audio Apprentice mk2 phono stage,Part exchanged, now £75.00

-Icon Audio PS1 phono stage, original 2 box MM & MC valve phono stage. Part exchanged, now £225.00


-Deco Audio custom silver wound transformer, 1 to 10 ratio, so suits most cartridges. Ex demonstration, now £500.00

-Silvercore Lyra Spezial silver wired transformer optimised for Lyra cartridges, but also suitable for a wide variety of others. Part exchanged, now £450.00


-Consonance CD Reference 2.2 Linear CD player. Silver with Cherry wood top slats. Modified by ourselves in March 2016 with Audio Note Tantalum resistors and Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil signal capacitors. Valves and laser also replaced at the same time. Part exchanged, now £900.00

-Micromega Stage CD transport and DAC with Sterling cable. Just serviced and fitted with a new laser. Part exchanged, now £995.00


-Talk Electronics Lightning 1.1 tuner very nice and quite rare FM tuner in silver. Part exchanged, now £200.00


-Audio Research SP17 in Silver. Part exchanged, only ever used for 1 week and has always been boxed for the rest of its life. Immaculate condition. 4 x 6H30 sovtek spare vales also included. Now £1,895.00

-Mark Levinson No.32 Reference Pre amplifier with optional phono stage. Rare as hens teeth seriously OTT two box design. Part exchanged, now £6,000

-Meridian 101 pre amplifier with matching 104 FM tuner. Part exchanged, now £395.00.


-Arcam SA60 power amplifier. Very rare classic power amplifier.  Part exchanged, now £150 (subject to pre sale inspection)


-Chord CPA2200 & SPM600 pre & power amplifiers in black. Part exchanged, now SOLD

-Consonance Cyber 100 Signature, push pull EL34 remote controlled integrated amplifier. Part exchanged, now £850.00

-Edwards IA-1 mk2 line level amplifier. Ex demonstration, now £340.00

-Icon Audio Stereo 40i Classic EL34  integrated valve amplifier supplied with new EL34 valves. Part exchanged, price TBC.


-Edwards Audio SP1 speakers in gloss white. Ex demonstration, some marks, now £370.00

-Edwards Audio SP1 speakers in gloss black or white. New, end of line offer, was £749.95, now £445.00

-Edwards Audio SP1 speakers in oak real wood veneer. New, end of line offer, was £549.95, now £365.00

-Epos K5 miniature stand mount speakers in White, Ex display, were £299, now £225.

-Epos K2 floor standing speakers in Black. Ex display, were £999, now £695.

-Final 0.3 hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers in black with cherry trim. Part exchanged, now £550.00

-Heretic Audio H3 floor standing speakers in Cherry. Early set, as used at the Friars exhibition, now £1295.

-ProAc Studio 148 speakers in Cherry veneer. Ex demonstration, were £1,995.00, now £1,450.00

-Q Acoustics 2020i in Gloss White. Ex display, now £140.00

-Q Acoustics Compact 20 in Gloss White with matching stands. Ex  demonstration, were £599 now £375.00

-Q Acoustics Compact 20 in Gloss Black. New, were £379 now £285.00

-Q Acoustics Compact 40 floor standing speakers in Gloss Black . Ex demonstration, were £999 now £675.00


-Audio Note AN-J speaker stands. Sand filled high mass design, so collection only. Ex demonstration, some marks hence RESERVED.

-Something Solid XFII stands, top 300mm x 320mm, 560mm tall (suit Harbeth SHL5). Ex demonstration, now £150.00 (no packaging, collection only)


-Something Solid XFII stands, top 260mm x 270mm, 455mm tall (suit Russell  K Red 100). Ex demonstration, now £170.00 (no packaging, collection only)


-Chord Signature Super Aray Digital Cable 1m long. Ex demonstration, was £750, now £495.00

-Chord Sarum Super Aray Digital Cable 1m long. Ex demonstration, was £1,900, now £1,250


All cables are terminated with phono plugs unless stated otherwise

-Audio Note AN-S interconnect 1m with AN-P plugs fitted. Original yellow stripe 15 strand version. Part exchanged, now £200.00

-Cable Talk Monitor 3 interconnect, 1m long. Part exchanged, now £25.00


-Atlas Element USB cable, 1m. Ex demonstration, was £37.50, now £28.00

-Chord Sarum Super Aray USB 1m long, A to B connectors. Ex demonstration, was £750, now £495.


-Chord Sarum Super Aray Power Lead 1.5m long. Ex demonstration, was £2,150, now £1,295


-Pro-ject VC-S mk1 LP vacuum cleaning machine. Ex demonstration, light use, now SOLD


Our warranty for all used equipment is 6 months (excluding valves).

All new and ex-demonstration items come with full manufacturers warranty from date of purchase.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure this list is up to date and accurate please note that errors and omissions are excepted.

It is not possible to mail order all of the items on this list as some do not have their original packaging, please contact us

for further information about any item here.

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