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Highwire Audio Power Wraps

-Power Wrap: Hailing from America this intriguing product is a plastic coated proprietary metal composite spiral designed to fit around mains and audio cables. Subjectively it seems to reduce hash resulting in an easier and sweeter sound. Three versions are available:  

All Clear twin contains two 6 inch 8mm diameter (perfect for interconnects): £21.99

Power wrap small single 9.5mm internal diameter 300mm long: £21.99

Power wrap large single 14mm internal diameter 300mm long: £21.99

Isotek Isoplug & Neoplug

-Isotek Isoplug. Simply plug the Isoplug into any 13A socket next to, or as close as possible, to any domestic appliance that produces, or is suspected of producing noise. This will prevent it from polluting the mains in the rest of your home and can help to reduce clicks and pops. More than one Isoplug can be used to reduce mains noise further throughout a house: £40.

-Isotek GII NeoPlug advanced version of the Isoplug which is intended to be plugged in close to the system to lower noise further: £60.

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