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Mains Distribution and Conditioners

Below is a small selection of some of the mains distribution options we have available. Please note most blocks do not include mains input cables, if in doubt please ask for more details.

Edwards Audio Iso1

The Edwards Audio Iso1 uses a high quality mains isolation transformer, an approach we’ve been championing for many years as they help reduce a lot of mains noise without all the side effect of a lot of other conditioning methods (squashed dynamics and an overly smoothed sound for example). Originally intended to be used with the turntables we find its possible applications much wider and it will work superbly with many sources and pre amplifiers too - in fact anything that draws under 40 watts of power (if the manufacturer of an item doesn’t state power consumption then you can use a plug in power monitor to measure it, we have one available for loan or they are available from many DIY and electrical outlets, often very cheaply). It also features an internal DC blocker which not only ensures that the transformer is quiet at all times but also improves the overall sound too. It is intended to be used on one item at a time, this way it ensures that not only does it help clean the mains it also prevents that item polluting others in the system (which is especially useful with items with switch mode power supplies which are often very generators of noise).

The improvements vary depending upon the type of item it is used with, but we consistently find benefits in dynamics and timing, with a seemingly lower noise floor and less grain and hash, with none of the negative side effects common to other filters and conditioners. Don’t be put off by its low price, we find it can work wonders even on very hi-end items.

These are available for both 240 and 110 volt operation and can be supplied with other mains outlets sockets for use in countries outside the UK.

Edwards Audio Iso1 £249.95

Heretic Audio Copper Star

The Copper Star is a purist 6 way mains distribution block made in the UK by Heretic Audio. Every single element used in its construction is the result of careful listening, resulting in the best sounding mains block we’ve heard to date. It’s housed in a casing made from multiple layers of precision CNC cut birch plywood and thus avoids the use of metal and plastics in its chassis, so it’s low static, low resonance and naturally non ferrous.


Unlike many blocks on the market the Copper Star is a truly star wired design, this means all items connected get the same excellent quality of signal (in the more common bus bar or star earthed mains blocks the sockets furthest away from the mains input sound worse).

The block is entirely hard wired with PTFE covered high purity OFC copper, and no filtering or suppression is used at all, which we find results in the widest and most vivid dynamics. The input is a 10A IEC socket and so can be used with almost any high quality mains cable.

-Heretic Audio Copper Star mains distribution block: £400.00

Atlas Eos Modular 2.5

Housed in a smart aluminium extrusion, the Eos Modular 2.5 Plus is a very high quality mains block. Made from non ferrous materials which help screen RFI and internally featuring thick 2.5mm sq high purity copper wire within.

The mains inlet is a 10A IEC socket (no mains cable is included) and there are 6 x 13A UK socket outputs, all of which are unfiltered.

Quite rightly in our opinion there is no mains filtering or surge suppression used, this is a real purest item designed to give the best performance possible - filters and the like are not needed with decent equipment as they invariably squash dynamics and overly smooth the sound - ultimately limiting the performance of the system.

A ground post for the Atlas Grun earthing system is also featured.

A choice of metal spikes and rubber feet are included (the design will also allow it to be screwed to a wall or surface if required too)

Atlas Eos Modular 2.5 6 way unfiltered mains block: £414.00

Atlas Eos Modular 4.0

Housed in a welded steel chassis, the Eos modular mains distribution blocks are well screened from noise. They are available with 6 outlets and feature an IEC input. The standard versions are completely unfiltered which we recommend for hifi use. However for applications that require it, there is also a filtered version available, which features 4 filtered and 3 unfiltered sockets.

Eos Modular 4.0 six unfiltered mains block: £840.00

Eos Modular 4.0F six socket mains block, with 3 filtered and 3 unfiltered sockets: £945.00

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