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Mains Cables

Most products nowadays have detachable mains leads, If yours do then a worthwhile improvement in sound quality can be heard from plugging in an Audiophile grade mains cable.

If you’re unsure of the type of mains connector you need please look at the list here

Mains cable sound quality is a complex issue, so I’ve tried to avoid giving too many subjective impressions here, as  it is ultimately very dependent upon the equipment but also the quality of the mains where it is used. For this reason we recommend trying cables at home before purchasing wherever possible. The following cables are normally available for demo and we have selected them for the sound quality they offer.

Chord C-Power Mains cable

The C-Power must be the most stealthy mains cable on the market. Don’t let the plain appearance put you off though, it may have moulded plugs (to keep the cost down), but under the skin there is Chords floating shielding and 14AWG copper conductors. It’s available in one length only and with a UK mains plug to 10A IEC.

Chord C-Power 1.5 mains cable: £60.00

Rega Reference Series Power Lead

The Rega Reference Series Power Lead uses a fully earth tinned copper braid surrounding 1.5 mm square copper conductors for both huge current capability and low noise. This is a very consistent sounding cable, working well with every item we’ve tried it with, and is a very good value for money cable. It is terminated with an IEC connector and is 1.5 metres long.

Rega Reference Series Power Lead: £114.00

Atlas Eos

This is a very wll priced high performance cable from Atlas. It uses 2sq mm high purity copper conductors contained within PTFE insulation and an RF screen. It is available in set lengths as priced below, or can be made to any length to order. Standard UK connection is UK mains plug to 10A IEC, but it can also be supplied with a variety of alternatives, including 16A IEC and figure of 8 connectors at the same price.

Atlas Eos mains cable 1m: £210.50

Atlas Eos mains cable 1.5m: £225.50

Atlas Eos mains cable 2m: £240.50

Atlas Eos mains cable 3m: £270.50

Atlas Eos mains cable 5m: £330.50

Extra metre: +£30.00

Audio Note Isis mains cable

Following the success of the Sogon mains cable, Audio Note have introduced a much more affordable design which uses high purity copper conductors rather than silver. It’s a much chunkier cable than Sogon too, with each of the three cores having 150 strands and resulting in a diameter of approximately 11mm, but like Sogon it’s a remarkably flexible cable.

At the time of writing it’s very early days as we’ve only just started experimenting with this cable, but initial thoughts are extremely positive, as it sounds a lot more expensive than it has any right to. There’s a great sense of rightness to this cable, it sounds smooth (or perhaps grain free is a better description) and refined without losing any of the edge or excitement in the music. What’s more there’s great separation between musicians . The low frequencies are also really nicely extended and powerful.

More thoughts will follow when we’ve had the time to try it in a wider number of systems, but at this moment we would highly recommend an audition of this excellent cable.

The cable is available either as an unterminated length for DIY termination, alternatively we can fit what ever connectors you like from our wide range of connectors (please contact us with the desired spec for costings) or the Audio Note factory can fit their own silver plated connectors (as priced below).

Audio Note Isis mains cable, per unterminated metre: £148.00 (please note we can supply any multiple or fraction of this length as required)

Audio Note mains termination charge including a silver plated IEC and UK mains plug: £POA at manufacturer’s request.

Chord Shawline Purple Power Chord

The Shawline Purple Power Chord is a dual layer shielded cable with high density vibration damping outer jacket. It is available with either IEC or 16A IEC connectors (the latter for an extra £15 cost). The cable can be made to any length to order, I’ve priced the most popular ones below:

Chord Shawline Purple ‘Power Chord’ 1M IEC mains cable: £200.00

Chord Shawline Purple ‘Power Chord’ 1.5M IEC mains cable: £250.00

Chord Shawline Purple ‘Power Chord’ 2M IEC mains cable: £300.00

Extra metre: +£50.00

Atlas Eos 4DD

The new EOS 4DD features high grade copper and PTFE insulators with a 4mm cross section for low impedance and high current capability. The DD part of the name stands for Dual Drain - the technology that has filtered from their Mavros and Asimi cables which reduces RF noise to an even greater extent than the standard cable, for even quieter backgrounds and improved resolution of low level detail.

Rhodium plated connectors are included, as standard in the UK the connectors are UK mains plug to 10A IEC, but the larger 16A IEC and even the C7 figure of 8 connector can be fitted at no extra cost,. The cables can be made to order to almost any length, but I have priced the most common lengths below with UK mains plugs to IEC’s. Other connectors including Schuko and Nema connectors are also available for other countries (please enquire for pricing).

Atlas Eos 4DD with Atlas Rhodium plugs, 1 metre length: £354.75

Atlas Eos 4DD with Atlas Rhodium plugs, 1.5 metre length: £379.75

Atlas Eos 4DD with Atlas Rhodium plugs, 2 metre length: £404.75

Additional cable: +£50.00 per metre

Chord Signature ARAY Power Cable


As you’d expect from Chord, the Signature Aray mains cable shows tremendous attention to detail, with every element considered carefully. The silver plated connectors were chosen following extensive auditioning, as was the fuse, plug damping and naturally the design and layout of the cable itself. The Chord Aray technology is used for the first time outside their range topping cable mains cables. As standard it is supplied with a UK mains plug and 10A IEC. To special order 16A IEC versions are also available.

Chord Signature Aray Power Cable 1m: £550.00

Additional half metre: +£50.00 each

Audio Note Sogon mains cable

The Sogon mains cable is, like all the top Audio Note cables, made with pure silver conductors. It is remarkably flexible by the standards of most audiophile mains cables. A full write up will follow, but initial listening to this shows a new level of subtlety and expansiveness is possible and it works exceptionally well with source components and pre amplifiers. For exceptionally high current applications I may suggest trying multiple runs for the optimum performance. It is sold in half metre lengths and can be factory terminated, alternatively we can supply and fit a variety of suitable connectors for  individual applications, please contact us for details.

Audio Note Sogon  mains cable, per unterminated metre: £POA at manufacturer’s request.

Audio Note mains termination charge including a silver plated IEC and UK mains plug: £POA at manufacturer’s request.

Audio Note Sootto mains cable

The Sootto scales up the Sogon recipe, featuring 150 strands this cable has much higher current capability.

Audio Note Sootto Mains Cable: Audio Note Isis mains cable, per unterminated metre: £POA at manufacturer’s request.

Audio Note mains termination charge including a silver plated IEC and UK mains plug: £POA at manufacturer’s request.

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