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iPod accessories

MP3 players and iPods can be excellent ways of accessing your music collection, and with some care excellent sound quality is possible, so with this in mind we offer the following products:


We offer a variety of different grades of interconnect cables to connect any ipod, MP3 player, PC or Laptop into your hifi system. Prices start from £20 and models include those made by QED, Atlas and Chord.

iPod Docks

Project Dock Box S

The Dock Box S is a brilliant ipod dock that is not only tiny (at just over 10cm wide) but is also extremely well featured. Like many ipod docks it recharges your ipod whilst in use and includes a remote control for ease of use, but where it differs from most is its high quality Cirrus Logic digital to analogue convertor, which effectively bypasses the analogue circuitry inside the ipod itself to get a dramatic improvement in sound quality. What’s more is it also has a coaxial digital output, enabling connection to the external DAC of your choice too. It is available with a choice of silver or black fascia.

Project Dock Box S ipod dock £179.00

Wadia 170i Transport: £390

The Wadia 170i is the worlds first iPod dock to bypass the internal analogue circuitry inside the iPod and therefore produce a true bit perfect digital output suitable for connection to any external DAC.

This gives access to an incredibly versatile and affordable media server with the possibility of superb sound quality. For the best results we recommend using lossless encoding to get the best sound quality from your music files, which can give results that are very close to a good quality CD transport.

The cast aluminium chassis is available in Silver or Black and it comes with a remote control (a metal version is available to special order for a premium). The unit also provides conventional analogue outputs as well as video outputs and a docked iPod is automatically charged.

It is suitable for use with the following iPods:

-iPod touch (1st and 2nd generation)

-iPod classic (80GB, 120GB, 160GB)

-iPod with Video, also known as 5th generation (30GB, 60GB 80GB)*

-iPod nano (4th generation)

-iPod nano (3rd generation)

-iPod nano (2nd generation)

-iPod nano (1st generation)*


*iPod nano G1 and iPod video will automatically enter the “extended interface” mode when docked in the 170iTransport; the Wadia Logo will display on the iPod screen indicating digital audio output is now available (as shown in the picture above. While in the “extended interface” mode there is no control of the iPod from the click wheel interface. If you choose (queue a selection) before inserting the iPod into the 170iTransport, the 170iTransport will continue to play your selection until it is complete. If there was no previous selection, the 170iTransport will play the entire content of the iPod in the “All Tracks” order. The 170iTransport will not manipulate the shuffle setting. Whatever shuffle setting the user has chosen before connecting the iPod will be honoured by the 170iTransport.

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