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Events Diary

Here’s our list of upcoming events, they are all free but some do require tickets to reserve a space to prevent over crowding or to help us cater appropriately, this can be done by phone or by following the links provided below. There is no need to print the tickets out, we will keep a list of names on the door. Refreshments and nibbles will be available at all events.

If you have booked tickets and are not able to make an event please do let us know so we can reassign the space. If events do ‘sell out’ and you do not have tickets do let us know so that we can add you to the reserve list.

Check back regularly, we are always working on adding new events.

Pro-Ject Roadshow

Saturday August 18th Morning and Afternoon sessions available

We are often asked what makes a good turntable and through a series of short demonstrations, we will aim to answer this question by dissecting four keys areas of turntable design - arm, cartridge, plinth and platter.

The demonstration will include the following comparisons:

Debut Carbon to Xpression with 2M Red and steel platter to demonstrate the benefit of an improved arm.

Xpression 2M Red, steel platter to acrylic platter to demonstrate the benefits of a better platter.

2M Red versus Quintet Bronze on Xperience SBS to demonstrate the benefits of upgrading the cartridge.

Xperience Acryl versus 6 Perpex versus Xtension 9, all with Quintet Blacks to demonstrate the differences in plinth and isolation.

We will then finish with The Classic VPO!

Get your free tickets here:

11am Morning session free tickets click here

2pm Afternoon session free tickets click here

Please do not forget that there are often special items and systems in our Showcase room, click here for more details

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