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 Digital Optical Cable

Atlas Element Optical

The Element Optical is designed to be an affordable upgrade over entry level optical cables. The light conductor is made from PMMA (‘Acrylic Glass’) and are available in both 3.5mm optical to Toslink and Toslink to Toslink connections, please see pricing below.

Atlas Element Optical Toslink to Toslink 1M: £39.00

Atlas Element Optical Toslink to Toslink 2M: £44.50

Atlas Element Optical Toslink to Toslink 3M: £50.00

Atlas Element Optical Toslink to Toslink 5M: £61.00

Atlas Element Optical 0.3M 3.5mm Optical to Toslink: £28.00

Chord C-Lite

The Optichord uses a Polymer light conductor which is protected with a soft PVC surround and finally covered in a harder outer PVC jacket for long lasting protection. The connectors use metal bodies and are designed to be a snug fit for best light transfer. They are available in both Toslink to Toslink and 3.5mm Minijack to Toslink configuration.

Toslink to Toslink, or Minijack to Toslink

Chord C-Lite 1m: £60.00

Chord C-Lite 2m: £65.00

Chord C-Lite 3m: £70.00

Chord C-Lite 5m: £80.00

Chord C-Lite 8m: £95.00

Chord C-Lite 10m: £105.00

Minijack to Minjack or MiniJack to Toslink

Chord C-Lite 15cm: £56.00

Chord C-Lite 30cm: £57.00

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