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CD Players

Marantz CD5005

The CD5005 is a excellent entry level cd player, offering very good performance and build quality at an extremely reasonable price. It is also well featured with a Headphone socket (including its own volume control), digital coaxial and optical outputs as well as the standard analogue outputs, and the obligatory remote control of course. It is available in black or champagne gold finishes.

Marantz CD5005 CD player: £229.90 Special offer: £200.00

Project CD Box S

The Project CD Box S is an absolutely tiny CD player that has a sound that belies it’s diminutive dimensions (which number just 3.6cm tall, 20.5cm wide and 15.5cm deep). The small size is explained by the cunning use of a slot loading mechanism (in use in the picture below) and the unit comes complete with a separate power supply and remote control. It’s a natural partner for the Project Amp Box S, or in fact any system where space is limited. It is available with a black or silver fascia (as shown here).

Project CD Box S CD Player: £299

Marantz CD6006

The CD6006 is a great entry level CD player. Typical of Marantz, it has a lively sound that is balanced by an appealingly warm midrange along with good detail retrieval. It even caters for ipod connection with its front mounted USB connector. It is available in either black or champagne gold.

Marantz CD6006 CD player: £399.95 now just £299.00

Project CD Box DS

The Project CD Box SE is a sonically improved version of the standard CD Box detailed further up this page. It is the same tiny width but taller at 7.6cm and a little deeper. The CD Box SE is a very impressive sounding CD player, it’s almost difficult to believe such a big and high quality sound can come from such a small box. It also has a digital output (coaxial) making it a very good choice for anyone wanting a high quality and small CD transport. It is available with either a silver or black fascia.

Project CD Box DS CD player £500.00


Rega Apollo

The Apollo has a new look, designed to match their new family appearance, it has a curved fascia and matt finished top loading lid. Performance is unchanged from the previous version, which is good news as it’s an excellent CD player which has had a lot of attention paid to the power supply stages and with the same Wolfson DAC as used in the Rega DAC.

It’s a refined and musical performer, nicely balancing openness and liveliness with easy long term listening making it a very enjoyable player at a very reasonable price.

Rega Apollo-R CD player: £629.00


Consonance CD120 Linear

We’re thrilled to be able to offer a CD player at this price which has dispensed with the digital filter and over sampling - in fact we believe this is the most affordable player utilising this sort of wonderful back to basics design that’s normally only seen in much dearer and more exotic machines.

It uses a pair of 16bit TDA1543 DAC’s and a discrete J-Fet/transistor output stage (not opamps) with switchable sampling frequencies of 44.1 and 88.2kHz available via the remote control. The simple output stage and very short signal path that this allows produces a sound with the characteristically wide dynamic range of a filterless design, capturing great speed and energy, which are just the sort of characteristics that makes music really come to life.

If you find most CD players overly sanitised and look for the same adrenalin rush you get from your vinyl source then this player could be just the antidote you’re looking for.

Available in either Silver or Black finishes.

Consonance CD120 Linear CD Player: £995.00

Exposure XM CD

Designed from the outset to primarily be a CD transport, the XM CD actually also has a good quality inbuilt DAC (the PCM 1716), making it ideal as a either a stand alone player or as part of a two box setup.

Housed in the neat half width aluminium XM series enclosure, it features a top loading mechanism with magnetic puck and analogue outputs, as well as coaxial BNC and optical digital outputs.

This is a great sounding unit, both as a stand alone CD player and as a CD transport, making it ideal for a really wide variety of systems.


Exposure XM CD in with black or silver brushed fascia: £1,200.00

Rega Saturn-R CD-DAC


The Saturn-R is a high specification CD player and DAC offering 192K-24bit asynchronous USB input. The CD player will benefit from the use of the dual Wolfson WM8742 DAC’s used in the digital to analogue conversion stage found in the hugely successful Rega DAC. The DAC section offers 2x optical inputs, 2x Co-axial inputs, 1x USB and an optical/coaxial digital output. The CD section has an independent ‘direct’ digital output from the CD playback section of the player.

You can clearly hear the Rega DNA in the sound of the Saturn-R, it’s has an appealing warmth and smoothness, yet is still impressively revealing.

Rega Saturn-R CD-DAC  £1,679.00

Consonance Reference CD2.2 Linear

The CD2.2 Linear is a very special player, it uses our preferred combination of non-oversampling and no digital filter which always results in an exceptional fast and smear free performance. The output stage uses a 6H30 triode which also gives great refinement without loosing any of the dynamics or energy from the disc.

It’s possible to choose between sampling frequencies of  44.1kHz or 88.2kHz via the remote control which makes a subtle difference and allows the user to choose which sounds best in their system. A coaxial digital input is featured on the latest generation, enabling the DAC to be used with other digital sources too, which can switched from the remote or a switch on the rear panel.

The only real negative of this player is it suffers what must be one of the most protracted burning in period of any player I can think of, and unless it has at least 50-100 hours of use it will not give you the slightest idea of what it’s capable of. But I can assure you it’s well worth the wait.

Consonance CD Reference 2.2 Linear CD player in Silver with Cherry or Walnut top slats: £1,795

Consonance CD Reference 2.2 Linear CD player in Black with Black aluminium top slats: £1,895

Below: Finish left to right: Cherry, Walnut, and black metal/fascia.

Audio Note CD Zero

The CD Zero is Audio Notes smallest CD player, but inside the diminutive case are two mains transformers and triode based output stage using the 6111WA sub-miniature valve. As you’d expect from Audio Note it features a non oversampling digital filterless design based around the TDA1543. It’s available with either aluminium fascia or black acrylic.

Audio Note CD Zero CD player: £POA at manufacturers request

Audio Note CD1.1x

The very latest CD player from Audio Note. As you’d expect of Audio Note this is a non oversampling, filterless design (both analogue and digital) based around the 16 bit 1543 DAC. It uses a 6111WA sub miniature triode valve output stage, Beyschlag resistors and paper in oil coupling capacitors. It offers a sound that’s very difficult to beat at the price. Available with silver or black acrylic fascia.

Audio Note CD1.1x CD Player: £POA at manufacturers request

Audio Note CD2.1x/II

The CD2.1x/II is essentially the same as the  CD1.1x detailed above, but in keeping with Audio Note philosophy is features upgraded components including tantalum resistors, electrolytic capacitors and superior coupling capacitors. The performance of this player is very good, it has the superb texture and naturalness, almost reaching the giddy organic heights of their two box combinations. It is available with either a silver aluminium or black acrylic fascia.

Audio Note CD2.1x/II CD Player: £POA at manufacturers request

Audio Note CD3.1xV2

The CD3.1xV2 is the first of the larger chassis CD players from Audio Note. It features a modified Philips cd mechanism, the Analogue Devices AD1865 convertor running without oversampling and without a digital filter. The output stage uses ECC88 dual triodes, Audio Note copper foil paper in oil capacitors and tantalum resistors. It is available with either a black acrylic fascia (as shown above) or silver aluminium (below)

Audio Note CD3.1xV2 CD player: £POA at manufacturers request

Audio Note CD4.1x

The CD4.1x is a top loading player which effectively combines the CDT Two/II transport and DAC 2.1x digital to analogue converter into one box (please see the separate pages which detail these products more thoroughly). To reduce the problems inherent in one box players great attention has been invested in the power supplies to ensure that there is minimal coupling between the various stages. This makes the CD4.1x the ultimate one box solution for those that don’t have the space for a separate DAC and Transport. It is available with either a black acrylic fascia (as pictured) or brushed aluminium.

Audio Note CD4.1x CD player: £POA at manufacturers request

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