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Disc Mats

Ringmat developments

Ringmat Developments Statmat. A thin foil that sits on top of DVD/CD’s and dissipates static fields. Increases fine detail and helps the player retrieve subtle acoustic clues that would otherwise be lost. Please quote CD player model to ensure that this is suitable (it is so light that if your players tray closes too quickly it can move off centre): £20.  

Also available: Statmat Cdi Blue improved twin disc version of above :£40.

Marigo Labs Signature 3-D stabiliser mat


The Signature 3-D stabiliser mat goes on top of the CD with it’s gold coloured face downwards. This disc contains carbon fibre and Kevlar and is claimed to have resonance control and shielding technologies, but however it works it makes a very worthwhile difference to the sound. Typically it gives instruments more body to them, without any false thickening, ultimately making them sound much more realistic.

It’s not cheap, but in many systems it makes such a difference that’s it’s an essential purchase: £149.95


-L’ Art du Son CD/DVD fluid. Designed to clean and treat optical discs for improved performance. Comes in a handy spray bottle: £39.95

-Milty CD & DVD Cleaning System disc cleaner contains fluid and wipes: £10.

Burn in and Demagnetising CD’s

-Isotek Full system Enhancer and rejuvenation disc. 65 minute long disc that can be used both to burn in new components and also to break down unwanted magnetic fields (demagnetise) and system for improved sound. Includes a track specially designed for wide bandwidth systems or those with subwoofers and also a short rejuvenation track designed as a rapid system refresher:  £14.95.

-Densen DeMagic. Simply play this Gold CD through your system and the manufacturers claim that within a couple of minutes the complex algorithm signals contained on the disc will demagnetise any build up of unwanted magnetic fields in your system: £12.

CD Tweaks

-Bedini Clarifier improved. We find these handheld CD/DVD demagnetisers can work wonders. Simply spin the disc on the Clarifier for a few seconds prior to playing as it focuses an electromagnetic beam on the playing surface. We find this tweak produces a much smoother sound: £70 (9 volt battery not included).

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