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Advanced Acoustics Acoustic Treatment

We’d go as far as saying almost any room could benefit from some acoustic treatment, whether it’s to reduce unwanted reflections resulting in a more focused sound or absorbing bass to remove boom.

Corner traps

As the name suggests these traps are positioned across the corners of the room, and their main role is to reduce the bass build up that naturally occurs there, so if you’re suffering from one note bass and boom then these could be what you need. They will also help higher up the spectrum too, reducing reflections of mid and high frequencies much as the wall panels do.

Two sizes are available:

Advanced Acoustics Mini Corner Panel

The mini corner panel is just 16 ½” (420mm) wide, which means they only stand out from the corner by 12” (254mm), making them ideal if there is a window or door in close vicinity. The panels are  4ft (1.2m) high and are designed to be affixed to the wall by Velcro (supplied). A pair of hooks could also be used.

Mini Corner Panel in Linen (Click here to see fabric colours): £158.00

Advanced Acoustics Corner Sound Panel

These are the full size version of the Mini Corner Panel shown above. They are of the same design but are 2ft (0.61m) wide by 4ft (1.2m) high and absorb much more low frequency energy, reducing bass boom and improving definition.

Corner Sound Panel in Linen (Click here to see fabric colours): £220.00

Wall panels

Echo Sticks Acoustic Panel

These very stylish curved panels not only look great but they have a large surface area yet only take up a small amount of wall space. The measure 12“ wide by 6” deep and can be hung on the wall or mounted on stands (see the bottom of the page). A hardwood link is also available to join two or three panels together. These panels can also work well in corners.

They are available in 3 different lengths, Click here to see fabric colours

24" (610mm) high: £93.00

36" (915mm) high: £118.00

48" (1220mm) high: £143.00

Advanced Acoustics Mini Wall Panel

These panels are 2’ by 2 ‘ (610mm by 610mm) and are designed for use on walls or ceilings wherever reflections are proving troublesome but there isn’t space to use the full size version (detailed below). They can be affixed to the wall with either Velcro or picture hooks (please specify when ordering) and the ceiling with Velcro.

Mini Wall Panel in Linen (Click here to see fabric colours): £90.00

Advanced Acoustics Wall Sound trap Panel

The wall sounds trap panel is an extremely effective device at reducing reflections, resulting in a more spacious natural sound. They are 2’ by 4’ (610mm x 1220mm), can be used either vertically or horizontally (I.e. Portrait or Landscape) and can be affixed to the wall with either velcro or picture hooks (please specify when ordering) and the ceiling with velcro.

Wall Sound Trap Panel in Linen (Click here to see fabric colours): £147.00

Advanced Acoustics Photophonic Panel

These are identical in performance to the Wall Sound trap panel above, the difference is that these are covered with a printed image of your choice. You can choose from one of several standard images (as pictured above and below) or you can supply any high resolution image of your own.

It’s difficult to do justice to the quality of these panels here, but they look so good that no one will ever suspect they serve any other purpose than cosmetic, meaning that they will blend seamlessly into any surroundings.

It is also possible to have the mini wall panels with images on, please contact us for a quote.

Advanced Acoustics Photophonic Panel: £240.00

Freestanding panels

Advanced Acoustics Orbis Panels

The Orbis is available in two versions, the wall Orbis and the corner Orbis. They are made from curved and sculpted foam, come with a gloss black plinth and are available in the Linen range of fabrics

Corner Orbis specifications:

-18" (46cm) at it's widest

-12" (31cm) at the foam panels thickest

-The plinth is a 'teardrop' shape to fit into the corner

-Stands 60" (1.5m) tall

-Price: £305.00

Wall Orbis specifications:

-30" (77cm) wide

-6" (15cm) thick at is thickest point going down to 2" (5cm) at the sides

-The plinth follows the profile of the of the foam panel with a flat back for positioning along a wall Stands 60" (1.5m) tall.

-Price: £305.00

Advanced Acoustics Signature Acoustic Panel

These are the ultimate panels, designed mainly for larger environments. They are a free standing design and stand 6ft (1.8m) high and 2 1/2ft (0.76m) wide and are available in the Linen range of fabrics

Advanced Acoustics Signature Acoustic Panel: £435.00


Advanced Acoustics Acoustic Panel Stand


For those people unable to attach the panels to the walls, or want the freedom to move them with their system Advanced Acoustics produce a range of stands. They are primarily designed for the wall sound trap panel, corner sound trap panel and Photophonic panel, but stands for the mini corner panel and mini wall panel available on request.

Advanced Acoustics Stand £79.00

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