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Spirit Levels

Ortofon Spirit Level

The Ortofon spirit level is a very nicely designed product with easy visual identification of how many degrees from level the surface is thanks to its easily readable scale and its large 6cm diameter size.

Ortofon bubble spirit level: £30.00


The Clearaudio bubble levels are easy to use and accurate - I find them essential for all sorts of levelling duties. They are available in basic guise (pictured above left) and with attractively finished stainless steel or gold plated outers (above middle and above right).

-Clearaudio Level Basic: £15.00

-Clearaudio Level Stainless: £40.00

-Clearaudio Level Gold: £50.00

-Loudspeaker spikes We sell a wide range of spikes for all sorts of different applications, in both 6mm and 8mm threads, finished in silver or black. Prices vary but are normally in the region of £2.50 each (please call/email for more details)

-Bi wire links If you are currently using your Bi-wireable speakers in single wired mode chances are that your audio signal is passing through the metal bars that are fitted as standard.  Unfortunately these are often very detrimental to sound quality. Simply replace them with a short length of speaker cable (we will sell just a few cm’s of cable) or use a set of bridging links with plugs and sockets which we can make as unnecessary. Alternatively we can rewire the loudspeakers as part of our Bespoke modification service to make them single wired instead, solving the problem at source!

-Atacama Atabites tub of stand filler similar to above: £24.99 per 9kg tub.

Silvercore accessories

Silvercore are transformer experts and they make a range of very handy accessories for use in all sorts of applications. All are made with high quality parts and housed in the attractive stainless steel cases. The models available include:

Silvercore Monokonverter takes stereo RCA inputs and converts it to dual mono output RCA outputs, giving the best mono performance possible from a stereo/dual mono input: £400

Silvercore Groundbreaker breaks hum loops in systems by using a transformer, with phono connectors and transformer coupling items can also offer sonic benefits: £400

Silvercore Symmetrizer used for converting an unbalanced RCA signal to balanced XLR: £400

Silvercore Reducer is the opposite of the above and converts XLR to RCA connection and reduces level by 10dB £400

Contact Cleaners & Anti Static treatment

-Caig DeoxIT is a contact cleaner featuring a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans oxidation and corrosion from contact surfaces: £24.95 (200ml spray can)

-Caig ProGold preserves and lubricates contact areas, as well as improving the conductivity on all metal connectors. It is recommended to treat surfaces with DeoxIT before use: £24.95 (20ml  spray can).

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