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Home > Special Offers >Creek Evo 50A

Description: Integrated amplifier with remote control

Condition: Ex demonstration, very good condition with light scratch on top of fascia

Packaging: Yes

Please note that these pictures are of the actual unit but were taken some time ago, they are generally representative of current condition, but will be updated shortly.

The Evolution 50A is a slim profile design (that stands just 7cm tall) from Creek Audio. It is both very well featured and excellent sounding. On the features front it’s difficult to know where to start, the clear OLED display and interface are a joy to use, there’s a headphone socket, remote control and even fully bypassable tone controls.

All of this flexibility doesn’t seem to have detracted from the sound quality one bit, it’s a very entertaining amplifier to listen to and one with remarkably little obvious character. The music flows nicely, with good timing and involvement, the treble is pleasingly grain free and the whole sound displays a level of refinement that is really quite unusual at this price level.

Above: The above pictures shows the various connections possible, there are 4 line level inputs on RCA sockets (one of which becomes the phono input if the module is in place) , the 4th input also allows the use of  balanced XLR connections.

Additional cards can be fitted internally to add extra functionality , please see list below for pricing, there’s a DAC, FM tuner module and a variety of phono stages that can be fitted, please enquire for details about availability of these options.


Creek Ambit FM/AM module: £125

Creek Sequel 40 phono stage module, suitable for MM cartridges of 3-5mV output: £125

Creek Sequel 48 phono stage module, suitable for low output MM cartridges and high out MCs  (I.e. 2-3mV output): £125

Creek Sequel 54 phono stage module, suitable for most MC cartridges of 0.5-0.9mV output: £160

Creek Ruby DAC module, 5 inputs, bluetooth and FM tuner: £400.00